Understand your Samsung washing machine cycle times

If you have recently purchased a Samsung washing machine- or you’re planning to buy one-, you’ll want to know what about Samsung washing machine cycle times, which is obviously dependent on the model you have and the washing program you choose.

With that in mind, here is a simple Samsung washing machine cycle times guide (See it in Video if you prefer that)…

This will give you a solid idea about how long it will take for your Samsung washing machine to complete a cycle (based on the cycle you select)


Samsung washing machine cycle times explained

Eco 40-60

samsung washing machine modes

This is an EU specific cycle to standardize washes.

It also shows energy consumption.

The timings are as follows(HH:MM):

9kg- 3:05 (max temperature-31°C)

4.5kg-2:18 (max temperature -22°C)

2.5kg-2:05 (max temperature -22°C)



15′ Quick Wash cycle

Minimum washing time is a shirt 15 minutes. Fastest.

Best for lightly-soiled items.


Super Speed Wash cycle

Minimum washing time is a fixed 39 minutes. Second fastest

Best again for clothes that are not heavily soiled.


Wool wash cycle

Approximate Time: 2 hours, 25 mins.

Best for machine-washable wools..see labels

Super Eco Wash cycle

Estimated time: can be over 3 hours

Slow cycle but comes with maximum energy and water savings.


Cotton wash cycle

Time: Depends but it’s normally anywhere between 2 hours to about 2 hhs 30 mins…


9 kg Samsung washer on cotton wash takes 3 hrs, 19 mins at 20 °C.

6 kg Samsung washer takes 2 hrs, 25 mins at 60 °C.

9 kg Samsung washer takes 2 hrs, 30 mins at 60 °C, with bubble soak feature activated (to help wash out bad stains on cotton garments)

Best for dirty cotton clothing (e.g. undergarments, table linens, cotton towels, cotton bed linens, or cotton shirts)


Synthetics wash cycle

Rough time: 2 hours, 25mins – can come down to 2 hours only at 40°C (4kgs load)

Best for Trevira, Diolen(polyester), and Nylon, Perlon(polyamide) and the like materials.


Daily Wash cycle

Standard wash cycle(for regular everyday washing)…. other unspecial laundry(including underwear and shirts).

Time: daily wash is, for the most part, about an hour(60 mins).


Permanent press cycle

Best for clothes that tend to wrinkle easily and non-delicates(prevents stretching of your synthetic items/anything stretchy).

In short, use it for clothes that are difficult to iron..They have it “permanent press” on the label.


Mixed load cycle

For mixed loads- synthetic and cotton


Denim cycle

how to reduce time in samsung washing machine


Similar thicker clothes.


Dark cycle

For dark clothes – prevents fading…also brightly-colored casual items


Heavy duty cycle

Insanely gross clothes….

All those heavily-stained, sweaty work garments

Can also work for Towels.

Baby wear cycle

Kids’ daily wear…


Bedding wash cycle

Bedding e.g. sheets, pillows, blankets

Takes forever!


Allergen Wash cycle

For removal of all terrible pollen.

More Samsung washing machine cycle times explained

Hygiene Steam Wash Cycle

samsung quick wash vs normal

Attacks germs and myriad other common bacteria..

Best for cotton, linen fabrics that touch the skin, e.g. your underwear

Sanitize(Sanitary Cycle )

For colorfast garments(heavily soiled).

Delicate Cycle

Delicate Clothes… Tender On Easy-to-Damage Fabrics..use for handwash-only fabrics (Bras, Sheer items, Lingerie (Silk)



For your  white fabrics- add bleach or not(works either way)


Towel Wash Cycle

For washing your dirty Towels


Wash+Dry Cycle

6kg- 7:48(HH:MM)


Auto Optimal Cycle

The machine automatically weighs the amount of load and subsequently auto-adjusts  wash time accordingly.

More laundry=longer time.



17 -30 minutes…Extra rinsing cycle to wash out added fabric softener


Extra spinning cycle -Removes any lingering moisture (cuts down drying time).

Time is below 30 mins.


Outdoor Care

samsung washing machine cycle times top load

For outdoor clothes, especially (mostly waterproof) sportswear.

Time: From 1 hr, 18 mins

Downloadable settings

Times vary a lot- Connect to SmartThings to download any program(s) you desire.


Samsung washing machine cycle times – concluding thoughts

Selecting the Bubble Soak feature lengthens total wash time by 30 or more minutes (Bubble soak helps get rid of bad stains)

Higher wash temp brings down washing time- The Hotter the temp, the quicker it will finish doing laundry.


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