Maytag dishwasher filter location illustrated

As you might know, frequently cleaning the drain filter keeps the dishwasher running efficiently.

That being so, today, I will be showing you the location of the filter in Maytag dishwashers.

In addition, I will also give you the steps you can use to clean the filter.

Maytag dishwasher filter location illustrated (Where is the filter on a Maytag dishwasher?)

Usually, you will find the filter in the tub area of your Maytag dishwasher.

However, the filter type might vary slightly depending on your dishwasher model.

For older Maytag dishwashers, you will find the filter beneath the lower spray arm:

Maytag dishwasher filter location illustrated manual

In some newer Maytag dishwashers, you will also locate the filter beneath the lower spray arm. However, it will look a little different:

Maytag dishwasher filter replacement

As for Maytag dishwashers that have a triple filter (2-in-1 filter), you will find the filter beneath the lower basket. And, it will look like this:

Maytag dishwasher 577 1 manual

Pro tip: If your Maytag dishwasher has a stainless-steel chopper, it’s quite likely it does not have a filter.

Now that you have located your dishwasher’s filter, you might want to clean it especially if your dishwasher is showing one or more of these symptoms:

  • It’s not cleaning dishes properly
  • It’s not draining
  • The dishwasher is taking too long to drain
  • Your dishwasher is smelling

How to clean a Maytag dishwasher filter

After following these Maytag dishwasher filter removal steps, follow these steps to clean it:

  1. Separate the upper filter from the mesh filter.
  2. Rinse both filters under running water to remove any clogs that might be there:

How to clean dishwasher filter Maytag

Pro tip: You can use a soft brush to remove any hard-to-remove residue.

  1. Reinstall the filters back into the dishwasher.

You can also use this Maytag dishwasher filter cleaning video to guide you along:

One more thing: If your filter gets damaged during the cleaning process, you can order a Maytag dishwasher filter replacement on Amazon.

Final thoughts on Maytag dishwasher filter location illustrated

To make sure that your dishwasher is always cleaning efficiently, it’s good to frequently clean the filter.

But how often should you clean it?

Well, this depends on how frequently you use the dishwasher and if you usually scrub food particles from dishes before putting them inside the dishwasher.

Nonetheless, as a good rule of thumb, clean the filter every one to two months if you scrape the dishes before washing.

If you do not scrape the dishes, you should consider washing the filter every one or two weeks.


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