Why is my Samsung washer front load not spinning?

Another question I was asked when on duty recently is Why is my Samsung washer front load not spinning?

Now, if you have the same problem with your Samsung washing, see what I told my guest on that night in this article….I also made the video below to help her implement what I recommended..


The good news is that she reported back the following day that the washer has started spinning washed out clothes dry once more.

Why is my Samsung washer front load not spinning?

Here is what you need to do first if you are facing the issue of your Samsung front load washer not spinning (Samsung front load washer not spinning clothes dry)

Balance it first

You may know this and you can even dismiss it but take it from me: There’s always a chance of your washer having gone off-balance- and it does no harm checking this before thinking of complex repairs.

Of course, your load will not be balanced if you:

Put too many clothes- than the capacity of your washer

Please remove some items and see how it behaves if you suspect that you might have overloaded it

Put tool little- it won’t spin properly too if there are too few clothing items in there

Add one or towels and see if that rebalances it..it does quite often

Important point: Try to re-arrange the items if you have had no luck getting it in balance…so remove all items and arrange them inside once more in a balanced way (the heaviest load at the center) and see how it goes.

Something fell behind the washer- check and get it out of there.

Another possibility you cannot rule out entirely is that of an object falling behind your washing machine and pushing it, in a way that it goes out of balance..

Check to be certain before you proceed (remove whatever object you find, if any)…

Level it

Ensure it’s sitting on a flat surface…move it if not to a perfectly level surface.

Otherwise, adjust the legs(the legs it stands on) ..you want to adjust all 4, if necessary until it is perfectly levelled.


Clean drain pump filter( some call it debris filter?

Samsung front load washer not spinning

This is one of the most notorious culprits when it comes to the spiining problems in this type and brand of washer.

Good thing is, cleaning the filter is quite simple…you’ll have to locate it (it’s where the drain pump is, because it obviously makes sure nothing (debris or other unwanted things) get into the pump.

Please watch the video I inserted above (it is on Youtube)  to see how you can clean your filter.

However, before you go watch it, I suggest you finish reading about all other possible culprits since I have explained and shown you what you need to do for each and every one of them.

Why is my Samsung washer front load not spinning?

Below are other probable causes- and suggested fixes:

Replace the drain pump

There are occasions where cleaning the pump filter won’t help as the issue is with the drain pump.

 samsung washer front load not spinning no error code

So it may be worth evaluating whether changing out the drain pump might make sense…that is especially when on observation, you see the pump pumping but not spinning…it is the clearest sign that your pump may be bad.

Check drain pump prices at Amazon.

Check drive belt – tighten or replace

If you have not been successful this far, consider checking the drive belt…you may find it loose or worn out, leading to the tub not spinning (it is unable to make the tub spin).

So tighten it and if you can see signs of wear, it is best to change it out.

Check Samsung front load washer drive belt prices at Amazon.


Check control board (main control board)

Finally, see if there are loose connections inside the main board- or some spots/components appear rusted.

Here you want to get the connections tight again (even if it means re-soldering) and getting rid of any visible rust.

I must say that the worst case scenario is the board being defective, because it is expensive to swap out.

Now go and watch the video…everything is there and I have demonstrated most of the steps clearly.

Did this help?

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