How can I fix Samsung washer 4E code but full of water issue?

So, how can you fix Samsung washer 4e code but full of water issue?

This is what one of you, our readers asked me last night…and he made me understand that he had already tried a number of solutions he had read about online about getting rid of the Samsung washer 4E error code to no avail.

Now, if you’re facing the same challenge, and the error persists, I will shortly tell you what I believe could be wrong –and what you need to do (I made a video to help you troubleshoot the error- watch it here, if you prefer watching).

But first, I need to explain the usual fixes for the Samsung washer 4E error code because it is important to be sure you have not skipped anything before I advise you how to fix the Samsung washer 4e code but full of water issue..

I hope that is okay with you…so here we go (just see if you have given each of the remedies a shot before we do the repair for the 4E error code yet the washer is full of water problem)


Samsung washer 4E error code – recommended repairs

Typically, 4E error code means there’s a filling problem (washer isn’t filling properly)…

So, how do you fix it?

First understand what could be behind the filling fault..

Here are all the probable causes:

Samsung washer 4E error code – meaning and how to fix it

Water supply turned off

4e error in samsung washing machine

Yeah..simplistic but true…if both cold and hot water faucets are off, then expect Samsung washer 4E error code

Keep in mind that both entry points always need water so the error will pop again when water (even if it is enough) is only coming through one entry point.

So check once more to be sure that both hot and cold water is fully ON

Also verify that they’re not swapped.

Note that there are instances where the remedy is replacing both the hot and cold water valves…it is not strange to find that The valves (or one) doesn’t out sufficient water.


Clogged or kinked water hose

4e error in samsung washing machine top load

Next suspect is Clogged or kinked (or pinched) water hose.

Question: How does it prevent washer from filling?

Well, the water flow is likely hindered hence washer will be filling slower than expected.

So check and remove any kinks/pinches  you come across.

Low water pressure

4e error in samsung washing machine

Thirdly, if your mains water supply has pressure issues, then the water going into the washer is unlikely to be flowing into your machine with enough force.

So again that could result in failure to fill the way it is programmed for smooth washing(Proper water pressure is between 0.5bar- 8bar).

So measure the system for proper pressure.


Plugged water hose/tube mesh filter (screen)

Moving on, build up in the filter inside water hose slows down filling too (that is obvious, isn’t it?).

samsung washer 4c reddit

So pull the little screens from the two water lines (disconnect hoses first) and see if they are totally clogged up- scrub them clean with a soft toothbrush and replace them..the washer may just start running error free once more.

Oh, and do not forget to check the filter that’s on the front bottom of the machine(left bottom on front panel) because it might also trigger the 4E fault code if clogged.

Check drain hose connection

samsung washer 4c error code

It should be properly connected-not forming an airtight connection- and not inserted beyond 6inches into drain pipe- sometimes bad drain hose installation is the issue

So check that as well.


For Samsung washer 4E code but full of water fault (there’s ample water flow when you check) water is over filling (it is not a blocked water flow)

Replace water pressure switch/Water level pressure switch

samsung washing machine error code 4e

Now, if nothing works, there is a huge chance  that water pressure switch, depending on your specific model has failed…and this is primarily what is often to blame when it comes to the Samsung washer 4E code but full of water issue

Here I want you to try and first remove pressure switch connector- pull it out from control board then put it back

Otherwise, replace the switch– check it for continuity first with a multimeter- Check the pressure switch wires(for continuity), from control board and to the switch.

Change it out and see if the error will go away…I should say that it is super important you make sure the sensor is installed correctly


But just before..

Perhaps you should check the rubber tubing running up to pressure switch for holes (mouse can bite it) – even a pinsize hole in there could mess everything so cut out the torn part or replace the entire rubber tubing and see if you’ll be lucky.

samsung washing machine error codes pdf

Yeah, a very small hole on the hose coming from the tube to the water level sensor is bad news…you don’t want anything loose or torn.

Recall that if there’s any problem with the pressure switch e.g. the pressure switch pipe getting clogged (blow through it to confirm it is clear), your washer won’t be seeing how much water is coming in (or it may sense wrongly) leading to the error.

Also, If the pipe has released, go ahead and plug it back again- you need to restart your Samsung washing machine for it to work

So, even a minor step such as adjusting the screw that you can on top of the water sensor could make a world of difference (this screw depresses the spring which then controls water level/pressure so you don’t want it too tight because your washer will be demanding more water than what can flow).

Final tip

Besides tightening the screw (on the sensor), be sure to try and unplug all the switches you see running from it to control board and plug them back in.


Well, you never know if one has detached- it might be all it takes to make your washer work perfectly again

Did this help?

If not, we would be more than happy to help you: go here to send us more questions about fixing Samsung UE code

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