What is the best Samsung wash cycle? Samsung Washing Machine Cycles Explained

Samsung Washing Machine Cycles Explained …..So, when should you use the various Samsung washing machine cycles?

Well, the answer is it depends.

I’m sure that you know that to have your washing machine wash best, you need to select the right program or cycle for the load you’re just about to wash.

In this post (You can also watch our Video explaining them here), we shall be looking at the purpose of each program and what type of load does it wash best.

I hope that you will find this very useful, especially if you were just about to wash some clothes and you looked at the very (many) symbols and got confused about which one to choose for a perfect wash

Samsung washing machine cycles explained

It is time to learn how to best wash your clothes ..it will definitely help you get maximum value out of your washing machine.

Let’s dive right in…

Quick wash / 15′ Quick Wash– fastest cycle out of all the Samsung washing machine settings

samsung washing machine settings

The first program is Quick wash.

Now, this typically takes a Minimum of 15 minutes. Of course, time differs depending on multiple factors

But what is it for?

Well, use it to wash your lightly soiled clothes.

And in terms of load limit, there’s a 2kg load weight limit.

Bear in mind that you will use less than 20ml of detergent(liquid detergent) here.


Super Speed Wash – second fastest cycle

The second fastest wash and ideal for your everyday items- takes about 9 minutes to complete washing…again time can be more based on factors like type of fabrics you added.

As regards load limit, do not exceed 5kg (that is the recommended load weight limit) here.


Wool Cycle

Select this cycle if you’re washing machine washable wool.

To be clear, it is a special cycle designed to keep fibres from getting distorted (they won’t shrink also).

Now, the load limit for wool cycle is 2kg (not more than that)..besides, always use a neutral detergent(for the best results).


Super Eco Wash – bring down energy consumption

Are you worried that your energy bills are becoming a bit too excessive?

Well, that is where the Super Eco Wash comes in ….it is programmed to wash at low temperature, so it’s one setting that can help you save on energy usage.

On the downside, this cycle could lengthen wash time by an extra 30 minutes!

Load limit: 4kg load

delicate mode in samsung washing machine

Eco Drum Clean – for washer maintenance

This is not a regular laundry cycle but it’s part of your washer’s maintenance routine….you should run it after approximately 40 washes to keep your machine washing optimally.

And yeah, just as its title suggests, this cycle cleans the washer’s drum plus the door rubber gasket (it can cause a bad smell when filthy).


  • Run Eco Drum cycle with empty drum.
  • Do not add any detergent/cleaning agents.

Do not forget that the washer will notify you when it’s time to run it (again after you have completed 40 laundry cycles).

Bubble Soak – for stubborn stains

This is actually a feature you can select with the following cycles:

  • Cotton cycle
  • Synthetics cycle
  • Bedding cycle
  • Super Speed cycle

Question: Why would you add it?

Well, it’s a powerful way to get rid of the stubbornest stains.

Its biggest issue is that it sometimes makes wash time delay by as much as 30 minutes.


More Samsung washing machine cycles explained

Cotton cycle

Here comes the best cycle for your cottons from your table and bed linens, towels, underwear, all the way to shirts.

Can you estimate the washing time?

No… there’s no standard time because the duration and the number of rinses are adjusted by the system automatically according to your specific load (even timings in different models will not be equal).

So expect it to take anywhere between 2 hours and 3+ hours

Load limit: Add max load


E Cotton cycle

Same as cotton cycle but this is an energy saving mode..so it washes your cottons at lower temp to economize on power usage.

Load limit: Add max load


Synthetics cycle

how to reset samsung washing machine program

This is the perfect cycle for washing your dirty polyester(trevira, diolen)-made blouses or shirts.

It’s also great for any polyamide-made (perlon, nylon) Synthetics

Average wash time: 2 hours and 25 mins

Load limit: 4kg


Spin cycle

Select this cycle when you feel that the clothes are still too wet at the end of any ‘normal’ cycle…it spins further to get rid of the excess wetness.

Load limit: Add max load


Denim cycle

samsung washer cycles explained

An obvious one: It is undoubtedly best for your denim clothes- jeans, hats, dresses, jeggings, shirts, jackets…you name it

You see, it uses more water during main wash-and there’s additional rinsing- so you don’t see lingering soap/powder detergent

Load limit: 3kg


Rinse + Spin

Helps if you’re adding fabric softener when cleaning your laundry by rinsing and spinning once more,

Also recommended for loads needing rinsing only

Load limit: Add max load


Daily Wash – The default cycle

Use it for regular items – your everyday shirts and underwear.

Load limit: 4kg


Delicates cycle

Choose this when washing delicates like lingerie (silk), sheer fabrics, bras, etc.

In short, use it for all handwash-only fabrics…it makes sure they’re not damaged

Special instructions

Use liquid detergent…delivers best washing results

Load limit: 2kg


Dark Garment – prevents fading

Washes your dark items gently (while rinsing thoroughly)  to prevent fading..Go this route for your black clothes including black jeans

Load limit: 4kg

samsung top load washing machine cycles explained


For all machine-washable(read the tag) bed sheets, bed spreads, bedding covers, comforters and the like…use this instead of Heavy Duty or Normal cycles(they’re washed with sufficient water here)

Special instructions

Wash 1 bedding item at a time..to avoid overloading your washer

Also observe load limit.

When cleaning comforters, stick to liquid detergents…..gives better results.

Do not roll items inside the drum as they may get stuck

Load limit: 2kg

Bedding, Waterproof

Same as bedding.

samsung front load washing machine cycles explained

You can however use it for any water-resistant item(think plastic mats, raincoats, ski pants, etc)

Be sure to use liquid detergent here.

Pro tip: If your model doesn’t have this specialized Waterproof cycle, try Delicates cycle instead. Caution: For optimal results, Choose Warm water temp plus Medium spin speed.


Baby Care

For your baby wear- the high-temperature wash combined with the extra rinses ensures best removal of germs and everything else including residue detergent.

Load limit: 4kg


Outdoor Care (for your training pants, jerseys, shirts, top)

If you’re an outdoor person, use this to wash your sportswear (nearly all outdoor garments- skiwear included)…these are made of stretch, spandex, micro-fibre and similar materials and this setting takes care of them perfectly.

Load limit: 2kg


Drain / Spin cycle

Select this cycle any time you want to drain water and spin drum

Other Samsung washing machine cycles explained


Heavy Duty

For all heavily soiled clothes and sturdy,colorfast fabrics.



For all your white fabrics- whether you’re adding bleach or not



Wash your bath towels as well as washcloths –and even mats in this setting.

Load limit: 6lbs of towels(at a time)


Sanitize – for bacteria removal

samsung washing machine buttons explained

Use it to remove bacteria from your heavily-soiled, colorfast garments.


Stain Away

Also awesome for stained clothes.

Select Hot temperature option


Pure Cycle

Works the same way as Eco Drum Clean.


Perm Press setting

For wash-and-wear(synthetic) fabrics.

You can also try it for lightly-normally-soiled garments.



Features powerful action to help eliminate pet dander, dust mites, and other allergic substances – you don’t want them in your fabrics


AI Wash (Auto Optimal Wash)

Everything is decided by AI(Artificial Intelligence) here..you have nothing to set.

Special instructions

Use it with Auto-Dispense function.


Samsung Washing Machine Cycles Explained – final words

samsung quick wash vs normal

I hope that you have found this very useful, especially if you were just about to wash some clothes and you looked at the very (many) symbols and got confused about which one you need to choose for a perfect wash

PS: You can add Downloaded programs….just connect your machine to SmartThings (if it’s a smart model) and download additional cycle options.

These cycles show up as Downloaded cycles when selected and you can easily manage them from SmartThings app


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