My Samsung washer stinks. How do I remove the bad smell?

Now, recently I was asked what to do when a Samsung washer stinks terribly by a visitor to our website.

So, how do you remove the bad smell if your Samsung washer stinks?

Here is what I advised our guest.


My Samsung washer stinks. How do I remove the bad smell?

Clean debris filter

The first thing I told our visitor is to clean the debris filter.

If you don’t know where to find, it is right where the drain pump is in your Samsung washing machine.

See image below:

samsung washing machine smells like sewage

So gently remove it – see the video above for everything you need to do – and using a soft brush (even an old toothbrush could work to scrub off all the debris you see.

In a nutshell, Wash any debris or other material (or dirt) from debris filter…

Then replace debris filter cap and, obviously, replace filter cover.

Note that there might be water remaining in the tubes so be careful –place a container to collect the water- when removing the cover to the filter.

samsung washer stinks like rotten eggs

Of course, you want to replace it back in when you’re done….then run a test wash…you may notice that the smell is no longer there.

Onwards now to what else you can is what I suggested to my reader who had the problem…

Clean the door seal

samsung washer smells bad

Do not also forget to clean the seal(it is gray colored )on the door (in between door opening and basket/drum)…


Well, for the simple reason that mold really likes to form and hide there (some call it the gasket).

You can try to follow these steps – or just watch the video that we have shot explaining everything…see it above.


  1. Open the washing machine door and remove all clothing or other items from inside the washer.
  2. Inspect the seal for signs of want to inspect everywhere under the seal so to pull back the rubber seal. Also check for any foreign objects(as you’ll see in the video, I actually found a button when inspecting it)

Wipe down all the areas you see stains as illustrated below:

  • Mix a diluted solution- use ¾ cup of (about 177mL) liquid chlorine bleach, and warm tap water (1 gallon -or 3.8 L)
  • Now dip a cloth and use the damp cloth to wipe down the affected seal area(s).
  • Let it stand 5 minutes.
  • Again wipe down the area thoroughly but this time with a clean dry cloth.
  • Leave the washer door open to allow the interior air dry.

Wash it- with vinegar

samsung washer smells like mildew

You can try running a self clean cycle (or Pure cycle)..whatever the call it in your model.

Whoever, that does not always work.

Enter vinegar..

You see, in my experience, many times the odor is indeed evidence of some serious soap buildup on the inner plastic tub….it is a very common problem.

And you can confirm that it is the culprit..

To do that, run an empty ‘clean’ cycle with no soap and hot water.

My friend, if you see soap suds (in plenty) appear in the drum suddenly during agitation, then you have one sure bet: there’s soap buildup, leading to terrible odor.

So do a vinegar wash- it eliminates the buildup, and hence the rotten smell.


Start a clean washing cycle, then blend vinegar with the in-coming water during fill.

I should mention that cleaning out the detergent/soap residue clears the mold and bacteria favorite food source so no more formation of mold and bacteria

Important points:

  • Repeat a vinegar thorough wash every about 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Use a whole gallon when it comes to vinegar because vinegar tend to get heavily diluted (during the process).
  • Sometimes it helps to keep off pods- The soap is too much and they could get you back to the soap buildup problem.


How to prevent your Samsung washer from smelling bad again

Leave do open

It typically helps immensely to leave the washer door open between your washes.


Because the cause of the awful smell could be mold that has formed along the washer door seal.

And mold –and other terrible organisms including bacteria- form due to wetness …

So you should make it a habit to leave door opened after washing to allow your washer aerate properly..

That way, you eliminate the moistness, which is usually what attracts nasty black mold.

I cannot emphasize how crucial keeping the door open is (to keeping odors away from your washer) enough.

Personally I leave it un-shut overnight ..that’s because I normally wash after work.

Thing is, by tomorrow morning it should just be fine….adequate air will have circulated in there..and the appliance will be dry enough not to accommodate growth of mold.

In short, make it a habit.

You’ll thank us later.

Did this help?

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