How do I fix Samsung washer UE code?

So, how can you fix Samsung Washer UE code?

This is a question I was asked by yet another visitor to our website last week.

And here is what I told her – and what you should also try – if you’re struggling with the sometimes notorious Samsung washer UE code (which typically means there’s an imbalanced load problem with your Samsung washer).

You can also watch the exact steps in a video I prepared afterward to help you and other visitors to our website ..

But if you prefer reading first, here are the steps you need to take to resolve the load imbalance fault…

Samsung washer error code UE – How to fix Samsung washer UE code in minutes

Even out the load

how do i fix the ue on my washing machine

This is obvious..isn’t it? ……

Make sure that your load is evenly balanced – remove those extra items you added and rearrange the fabrics to be sure the load inside there is not tangled up (in a bunch) and squished to one side, which is what leaves the drum with unbalanced load.

Add a couple of clothes (or towels)

Do you suspect that you might have underloaded it? That is you have just put in very few items compared to its max capacity?

If it’s the case, consider loading a few more similar clothing items to make it balance (it’s best to wash items of same fabric together) …alternatively, throw in one or two towels and see if that helps.

Change its position

how to fix ue code on samsung washer

Could it be that the surface the washer is seated on is not level?

Truth is, if the ground is not level, there’s always a chance it will go off balance when spinning.

So try to shift it around to a better levelled position/surface …it could do the trick

Adjust the legs

samsung washer unbalanced code

Even as you try to move it around, see if you can adjust the washer legs – all of them…they could be behind the washer lack of balance problem…

Swap the suspension rods

samsung ue code

Another thing you may try if nothing has worked so far is swapping out the suspension rods (Check price) supporting the drum (the rods tend to wear out over time when it comes to top loading Samsung washers).

The good news is that changing them out is not rocket science and anyone can do it (I recommend you look for a YouTube tutorial to help you do it, if you’re completely new to this).

Reset the washer to clear Samsung washing machine UE error code

samsung washer ue code fix

Never underestimate the power of doing a system reset…..on the odd occasion, the UE error will be triggered by a random bug in the washer’s computer system..

And you know what? The best way of clearing out these kinds of irregular bugs is by resetting the entire computer program .

I know you might know that you reset by unplugging it for about 3 minutes then plugging it back in …

Of course, you may want to check your manual for the exact steps of resetting your washer model (for some you need to press specific button combinations to make it go back to factory setting)


Solving Samsung washer UE code – how do I fix the UE on my washing machine?

Just to recap, fault code UE on your Samsung washing machine is typically saying there’s an unbalanced loading error – the washer system is sensing that load you just put in is too unbalanced for high-speed spin to proceed.

So make sure you:

  • Remove excess clothes (items)
  • Add some towels (1 or 2) if you loaded too few clothes
  • Place the unit where it is perfectly level- you can use a level device to measure if the surface it sits on is 100% level
  • Make sure your washer’s shocks (and suspensions) are good – and replace if necessary (they can become worn out because of the constant shaking

Finally, always begin the entire troubleshooting process by trying to perform a system reset ..there are occasions the Samsung washer UE code occurs due to random system bugs.


Did this help?

If not, we would be more than happy to help you: go here to send us more questions about fixing Samsung UE code

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