How can I test the drain pump on my Samsung washer? Samsung washing machine drain pump test (steps)

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to tell if washing machine drain pump is bad (So I’ll be answering you if you’re one of those who sent us the question “How can I test the drain pump on my Samsung washer?”)

Read it to the end if you have read that probably the cause of the drain issue in your washing machine is a bad drain pump but you are apprehensive about ordering the part before you’re sure it is the one at fault (you want to save money, time and effort).

How can I test the drain pump on my Samsung washer? Samsung washing machine drain pump test (steps)

To test the drain pump on your washer, you obviously need to disassemble it…there’s no way you can get the drain pump put (because you can only test it when it is out) without taking the washer apart.

Now, the exact steps of taking your washing machine apart will depend on the brand and model number you have (YouTube videos can be helpful here).

In short, I’m assuming that you will find a way of deconstructing your washing machine…

Remember what you want is to pull out the drain pump (whatever trick you use)

Have you done that (got out the drain pump)?

If yes, perfect!

Proceed to put it to test (to see if it actually pumps water out) as below :

How can I test the drain pump on my Samsung washer? Samsung washing machine drain pump test (steps)

Test 1 -Resistance test

To do a resistance test (this is performed on your pump motor), start by setting your multimeter to Ohms.

Next, touch the 2 terminals (of course, with the prongs) ..if you get a reading between 10 and 20 Ohms…. your pump motor is fine.

samsung drain pump problems

Oh, and please check your manufacturer’s precise resistance range specifications…. I have seen quite a number reading 16 Ohms if not toast

Otherwise, the motor could be dead meaning you may want to replace the entire pump.

Test 2 – Voltage test (checking it for power)

Plug your washing machine in

Set your multimeter to volts AC.

Turn the washer selector knob to spin(drain) cycle

Now go ahead and connect your multimeter to the plug going to the drain pump (attach to the wire leads that typically plug into the drain pump)

Next, start the washer(Press start button)….I should say that the first thing your machine will try to do with this setting is attempt to drain.

What you want to see is this: Is the pump getting the usual 120 volts it needs to run?

So observe the readings on your multimeter – check if it’s coming to about 120V.

If it is, then your pump is likely okay..again a different result might point to a defective drain pump (Shop for a Samsung washer drain pump replacement part).

Test 3 – Testing the impeller if you do not have a multimeter

Plug in your washing machine (it is still set to spin).

Note that you should do this while the drain pump is sort of suspended out in a way you can observe the impeller (in the pump)

samsung washer drain pump replacement

In other words, you will have removed it out of its slot but it’s still connected properly (so it will be in a safe position to allow you to view the impeller operation)

Once you have ensured that the pump is correctly plugged in, hit your washer’s start button (whenever you hit start, the machine should always try to pump out water)

Have you started it?

Good…check if the impeller is spinning (and the motor hums)…. even simple spinning/vibrating sound says it is functional.

In fact, you can also try to spin the impeller with your fingers (without necessarily following the above procedure).


Samsung washing machine drain pump test -Other small but helpful tests/tips

Check for debris

Check also inside the drain pump and see if there’s debris inside it….sometimes it is objects blocking it from working the right way so get any debris you see out then put back your drain pump into the washing machine.

Check drain hose too

The problem could be the drain hose (and not the pump) …it is on the odd occasion.

That being so, if you have taken the pump out (and all seems good including there being no obstructions), check the hose for clogs(and blow it out)….

And you don’t have to over-complicate things…you can just put the hose to your mouth and powerfully blow in it (whatever is in there might get dislodged and the water upstream of the impediment could drain out).

Then re-assemble your washer and see if it will drain fully.

Samsung drain pump problems – Worth trying too

If on testing the pump’s resistance you get the required 10 to 20 ohms (I had suggested you confirm what’s the recommended tolerance range for your washer), it can be that the impeller did break free from magnetic shaft at some point.

To do this Samsung washing machine drain pump test, pull the impeller and shaft free (from pump housing) after you successfully remove the pump.

Here is what you need to know:

If the magnetic shaft and impeller spins separately, then it is likely that impeller key is broken (on the shaft).

And if that is the issue, then you need a new impeller (with shaft)….. it is relatively quick and simple to replace.

Your other alternative is getting a brand new pump entirely.



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