Samsung washing machine stops after 1 minute. Help!

In the past, I have had clients whose Samsung washing machine stops after 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 9 minutes, and so on.

However, it does not matter what time it stops after. The point is that it stops a few minutes into the cycle.

That is why, today, I will be guiding you on the different causes of this common problem.

And of course, I will give you the troubleshooting steps that I use to fix washers when they start to misbehave in such a manner.

Samsung washing machine stops after 1 minute – basic things to check

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Your load might be out of balance

And, your washer might display the code Ub (or UE).

First things first, confirm that you are not underloading the washer.

If you are trying to wash a small load, throw in 1 or 2 extra towels to help the washer better balance itself.

Next, try to redistribute the load and see if this helps.

Have you activated the bubble soak option?

Here’s the thing about this function…

Activating it will result in your washer running 6 spin/rest cycles in the first 30 minutes.

And, during this period, the washer will keep on stopping for some time (around 4 minutes) between the cycles.

So, if you have activated bubble soak, do not worry as your washer is working as it should.

Are using the wool setting?

You see, the wool setting is meant to reduce fabric damage.

And, one way it achieves this is by initially running slowly while stopping for some time.

Bearing that in mind, you can either opt to change the cycle or give your washer some time for it to run consistently.

Gently tug at the door – does it open?

If yes, it means that the door latch is faulty and this is resulting in it being knocked open by the clothes during tumbling.

And this is activating the washer’s safety mechanism – the washer won’t run with the door open.

Now, considering that door assemblies come cheap, the best option here is to just replace the door lock assembly.

So, order a replacement door latch on Amazon.

Samsung washing machine stops after 1 minute – other possible steps to try

Test the door switch

At times, the latch might still be firmly in place but the door assembly is still to blame.

This is more so if you are getting an error code such as DC, DC1, dE, dE1, ddC, or DC3.

With that in mind, remove the door switch and test it for continuity.

If it lacks continuity, then it is bad and you should replace it – shop for Samsung washer door switch replacement.

Check to see if the washer is overly sudsy

For the most part, this is accompanied by a SUD fault code.

And, it is the extra suds that are interfering with the washer’s pressure sensor thereby stopping the washer from running.

Now, if it is overly sudsy, one of two things might be at play:

  • You have used the wrong detergent.
  • You have used too much detergent.

As a result, start by making sure that you are using HE detergent.

Also, confirm that you are using the right amount – remember that detergents come in different concentrations (1X, 2X, 3X, and so on).

And as a result, different concentrations will require different amounts of detergent.

The washer displays a SUD code but it is not sudsy

I have come across a few washers showing the SUD fault code even if you are not using detergent.

And again, the washer will misinterpret this as a pressure-related issue hence it will stop running.

Now, if this is the case with your washer, to fix the issue, follow the steps we have outlined in our previous guide: Samsung washer SUD code but no suds [Fixed].

The motor might be to blame

This is mostly the case if your washer is displaying any of the following codes: EA, EB, 3C, 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, or 3E4.

With that in mind, start by checking the carbon brushes – if they are worn out, replace them.

The good news about carbon brushes is that a set of two costs between $9 and $15 – see current prices on Amazon.

On the other hand, if the carbon brushes are not to blame, remove any foreign objects that might be stuck inside the motor.

Finally, confirm that the motor is getting around 120v AC from the control board.

If it isn’t, check for a break in the wire connections – if there is, use electric tape to patch it up.

And while at it, replace any wire connectors that have burnt out.

Samsung washing machine stops after 1 minute – final parts to check

The hall sensor (rotor position sensor) might be bad – so, test it

Using a multimeter, measure the resistance between pins 1&5, 2&5, and 1&4.

If the sensor is good, you should get a reading of around 9-10k ohms.

So, if your reading is not within this range, then your washer’s hall sensor is bad.

As such, your best bet is to replace the sensor (it is quite budget-friendly) – see current prices of Samsung washer hall sensor.

The control board might be to blame

Start by checking the wire connections – confirm that they are firmly connected to the board.

Additionally, use electric tape to patch up any broken wires.

Other than that, replace any wire harness connectors that appear burnt.

Pro tip: A faulty control board will result in a communication error code such as 3CP, 13E, AC6, AC, or AE. However, it is also possible for the washer not to display any code when you enter diagnostic mode. Instead, it might display -: which is also another indicator that the board is bad.

Next, carefully inspect the board for any signs of burn marks – they are an indication that the board is bad.

If you spot any, then the best route to take is to get a replacement board – order one on Amazon.

Something else: In my line of work as an appliance repairperson, I have come across older models of Samsung washers that have two boards – a main PCB and a smaller inverter board.

Now, if you own such a model and it’s the inverter board that is bad, don’t worry as you can still get a replacement board – order a Samsung washer inverter board on Amazon.

Pro tip: At times, the control board might be bad even if it looks good to the eye. So, if you have tested all the other components and you can’t seem to pinpoint the root of the problem, then replacing the control board is your best bet.

Samsung washing machine stops after 1 minute – parting words

To make troubleshooting much easier and faster, you might want to first enter diagnostic mode to see the stored error codes.

Till next time!


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