Why does my Samsung washing machine keep pausing itself?

Ever wondered why does my Samsung washing machine keep pausing itself?

Well, I understand that can be quite a frustrating issue. And, it might end up making washing laundry a daunting task.

That is why, in this article, I will be guiding you on what I have seen to be the cause of this problem.

Additionally, I will provide you with practical solutions that you can use to fix your washing machine.

Why does my Samsung washing machine keep pausing itself? – and how to fix it

Now, this might be due to one of several reasons.

And they are…

Activating the washer’s bubble soak function

Here’s the thing about the soak function…

Activating it will result in the washer performing 6 separate spin/rest cycles over a period of 30 minutes.

And, while it is doing so, it will be pausing for around 4 minutes between the cycles.

What you can do

If you note that you have activated this function in your washer, try deactivating it to see if this does the trick.

If it does not, proceed to the other troubleshooting steps below.

The washer sensors are clogged with lint and dirt

This is more so if your washer is showing two error codes: 4C and OE.

Pro tip: Some Samsung washers will only show an error code when they are in diagnostic mode. That being so, if you are not sure how to enter diagnostic mode, read our other article: How to enter diagnostic mode in Samsung washer.

In this case, there is a high possibility that your washer’s sensors are clogged up with detergent or fabric softener.

What you can do to fix it

Try running the self clean cycle using the hottest water setting available.

Alternatively, you can run an empty wash cycle for 30 minutes. And again, use the hottest water setting available.

Pro tip: When doing this, be sure not to add any extra detergent. However, you can use distilled vinegar. And oh, make sure to remove any clothes that might be inside the washer before you run these cycles.

The motor carbon brushes might have worn out

From my experience as a repairman, this is usually the most common cause for your Samsung washer frequently pausing by itself.

You see, the carbon brushes are prone to wearing out with years of use.

And, when this does occur, they will require to be replaced.

Another thing: When the carbon brushes wear out, your washer might display one of the following error codes: 3C, 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, EA, or EB.

What you can do

However, the best way to know if the carbon brushes are faulty is to take out the motor and visually inspect the brushes.

And here’s the good news is that carbon brushes are quite cheap starting at $9 and rarely going above $15.

Shop for washing machine carbon brushes on Amazon

Pro tip: You should replace your washer’s carbon brushes every 4 to 7 years.

Something else: It’s best to replace both brushes together. In any case, replacement brushes come in a set of two.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) might be bad

If the board, is bad, it will result in a communication error.

Also, it could just be due to a bad or loose wire connection that might be resulting in this problem.

And, this might result in your washer showing one of the following error codes: 3CP, 13E, AC6, AC, AC7, or AE.

Pro tip: Some models have two PCB boards. The larger board is the main PCB while the small board is the inverter board.

What you can do

Start by confirming that all wire connections to the board are good – properly reconnect any loose wires.

Next, check if there are signs of any wires or wire connectors having frayed.

Now, if you note that one or more of the wires/connectors are frayed, be sure to replace them.

And oh, do not forget to check if there are any open wires. If there are, you can use electric tape to connect/patch them.

Next, carefully inspect the board for any blackened components such as resistors, capacitors, IC, relays, and so on.

For the most part, this could mean that the board has suffered either a power surge or short to ground.

If the board has burn marks, then it is faulty.

And, the best route to take is to replace the board – order a Samsung washer control board on Amazon.

And by the way, if your model has an inverter board, you can still order a replacement inverter board on Amazon.

Pro tip: Since there is no way of testing the control board other than having to rely on a visual inspection, at times replacing the board will do the trick. This is more so if the carbon brushes are good. You see, the control board might be bad yet it does not have any signs of damage such as burn marks and so on.

That being so, if you try all the previous steps and nothing seems to work, consider replacing the board.

Why does my Samsung washing machine keep pausing itself – final thoughts

One final thing, you should confirm that you are not trying to run the wool cycle.

This is because the wool cycle will initially run slowly (while frequently stopping) to prevent fabric damage.

So, if you are running the wool cycle, be sure to choose a different cycle depending on the type of clothes you are washing.


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