Why is my Samsung washing machine stuck on 9 minutes?

“Why is my Samsung washing machine stuck on 9 minutes?”, asked the client as soon as I had picked up the phone.

Not long after, I received a similar query from a different client. And, in the course of the month, I responded to several similar requests.

This made me wonder if it’s a common problem afflicting a good portion of Samsung washing machine owners.

And as such, today, I have decided to guide you on the troubleshooting steps that you can try when your Samsung washer also gets stuck at the 9th minute mark.

Why is my Samsung washing machine stuck on 9 minutes?

At times, it could be that the program has not synchronized properly. In such a case, the best solution is usually to reset the washer.

So, be sure to give that a try before trying out the other possible reasons (and fixes) below.

The washer is detecting an unbalanced spin

When this is the case, you might also note that the washer is trying to turn in both anticlockwise and clockwise directions.

This means that it is trying to redistribute the load to rebalance it.

And, if it is unable to redistribute the load, it will stop spinning completely and display an Ub, UE, or E4 error code.

For the most part, you can easily resolve this by opening the washer and redistributing the load to balance it.

Something else: If you are washing single items (or a small number of items with one heavier when wet), you can throw in one or two extra towels to help the washer better rebalance the load.

The washer is experiencing drainage issues

This is more so if the washer is also displaying any of the following error codes: nd, E2,5C, or 5E.

In other words, your washer is unable to drain and as a result, it cannot progress to the next cycle.

Now, the best way you can fix this is to start by cleaning the drain filter (only for frontload washers).

To do so, remove the filter and discard any foreign objects that might be in there, and proceed to wash the filter to remove any residue.

Next, check and fix the drain hose – straighten any kinks that it might have and remove any debris that might be trapped in there.

Also, confirm that you have installed your drain hose at least 36” and no more than 96” high.

Another thing: Make sure that your drain hose is at least 6” and no more than 8” into the standpipe.

Finally, test to see if the drain pump works as it should.

That being so, read our other article (How to test Samsung washer drain pump) as it will better guide you.

Why is my Samsung washing machine stuck on 9 minutes – more steps you can try

The washer might not be getting cold water

Here’s the thing: Most washers perform the last rinse cycle around the 9th-14th minute mark.

And, regardless of the temperature that you had selected, this rinse will always be a cold water rinse.

As a result, the washer might get stuck around this time as it waits for the tub to fill with cold water.

As such, start by confirming that the cold water faucet is fully open and straighten any kinks that might be on the cold water hose.

And while at it, carefully inspect the hose for any tears.

If it is torn, you can patch the tear or get a good replacement hose altogether.

Next, remove the mesh filter in the cold water hose connection, and be sure to clean it with warm water to remove any trapped debris.

Finally, test the water inlet valve for continuity – there is a possibility that the hot water solenoid is healthy whereas the cold water solenoid is bad.

And, if the cold water part fails continuity, your best bet is to replace the valve as a whole – order a replacement valve on Amazon.

One or more of the suspension rods might be bad

And, this is throwing the washer off balance during spinning.

As a result, the washer will stop and try to rebalance itself and if it fails, it might also display one of these error codes: Ub, UE, or E4.

Bearing that in mind, your best bet is to replace the suspension rods – see current suspension rods prices.

And while doing so, it is best to replace them as a set. After all, they come in a set of four.

Replacing all the rods at a go will save you from the hassle of having to replace another single faulty rod down the line.

Pro tip: Another key symptom of a faulty suspension rod is the washer shaking/banging badly before it gets stuck on 9 minutes.

The bearings might be worn out

In turn, this will result in the drum spinning unevenly/wobbling during a cycle.

And, as a result, the washer might detect this as an imbalance and thereby halt the operation.

At times, this might just be around the 9th minute mark.

Bearing that in mind, carefully inspect if the bearings are worn out or not.

If they are worn out, then it is time to replace them – shop for Samsung washing machine bearings on Amazon.

The spider arms might be faulty

And, the best way to pinpoint if this is the culprit is to disassemble the washer and visually inspect the spider arms.

Basically, you will be checking for cracks along the spider arms.

Now, if it has cracks, then you have just found your culprit and your best bet is to replace it – order a spider arm replacement on Amazon.

A word on spider arm replacement: It is advisable that you fix the spider arm as a DIY.

This is because it might not be cost-effective if you were to hire someone to do the replacement.

You see, the replacement labor alone will cost you anywhere from 700 bucks since it is quite time-consuming.

And, bear in mind that the cost of a spider arm starts at around 80 bucks.

The PCB might be to blame

To fix this, start by properly reconnecting any loose wires and replacing any burnt wire connectors.

Also, if you note any broken wires, be sure to patch them up using an electric tape.

Other times, I have seen components on the control board coming loose. And, in such situations, soldering the loose parts oftentimes fixes the issue.

Another thing: If you can see burn marks on the control board, it means that it is gone and you should replace it – see current control board prices on Amazon.

Pro tip: At times, the control board might still be bad even though it does not have any visible signs. As such, if your washer is still misbehaving after trying all the previous steps, you should consider replacing the board.

Something else: In older models that have two boards (main PCB and inverter board), oftentimes it’s the inverter board that causes this problem.

Fortunately, you can still order a replacement inverter board for your model on Amazon.

Why is my Samsung washing machine stuck on 9 minutes – final thoughts

If your washer is still under warranty, you can save some cash by contacting Samsung. Not to mention that any replacement that will be done will be with an OEM part.

And finally, if you replace any electric component such as the control board or the inlet valve, don’t forget to calibrate your washer to ensure compatibility.


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