How can I fix Samsung front load washer door lock problem?

If you have recently experienced a Samsung front load washer door lock problem (the door won’t lock, or it won’t unlock), then you have an idea of how devastating this can be.

But, worry not…

By the end of this guide, you will be able to fix your Samsung washer like a professional.

Samsung front load washer door lock problem – how you can fix the door

Sometimes, all you need to do is power cycle (hard reset) the washer – unplug it from the power outlet and let it sit for five minutes.

If you do not have access to the outlet, you can trip the circuit breaker too.

Nonetheless, this method might not work in all situations.

With that in mind, if resetting does not fix your washer, try the additional troubleshooting steps below…

Samsung front loader washing machine door won’t lock (Samsung door not locking)

To troubleshoot this problem, start by removing anything that might be caught on the door thereby preventing it from closing… If some clothes are hanging on the door, be sure to throw them all the way in.

Next, clean the door gasket (especially around the door latch assembly) – some gunk might be caught around this area thereby preventing the door from closing fully.

Also, there is a possibility that the door (or the hook) is not properly aligned.

And, this might result in the hook not clicking into the latch assembly.

So, when closing the door, carefully check to see if the door hook latches into place – you should hear a click when the door locks fully.

If your door is not latching, try straightening the hook – you can use pliers… Just be careful not to damage the hook.

More troubleshooting steps to try

A door lock error code such as dL or dE might signify that the door lock switch assembly is faulty.

As a result, the control board might not be detecting the door as closed even if it is.

To troubleshoot this, disassemble the washer and test the door lock switch for continuity.

If it lacks continuity, it means that the switch is bad in which case replacing it is your best bet – order a replacement door lock switch here.

If this checks out, access the control board and confirm that the door lock switch wire harness is not loose. Of course, if it is, be sure to insert it fully.

Also, check if the wires are broken and fix/replace them as necessary.

If all these are okay, perform the following troubleshooting tests…

Test 1: Door switch check

Change your multimeter setting to volts (DC) and check for voltage at pins #1 and #3 of the CN4 connector.

When the door is closed, you should get a reading of 25v DC.

And when you open the door, you should get a reading of 0v DC.

Test 2: Door lock check

With your multimeter set to volts (AC), measure the voltage between pin #3 of CN2 and pin #1 of CN3 connectors.

If all is good, you should get a reading of 120v AC when the door is locked.

If the connectors pass these tests, it means the lock switch assembly is faulty and ought to be replaced – see current door lock switch prices on Amazon.

On the other hand, if the connectors fail any of the above tests, it means the control board is bad.

Fortunately, you can shop for a replacement control board and swap out the bad board as a DIY project.

Samsung front load washer door not opening (door won’t unlock)

For starters, your front load washing machine will not unlock if it has not drained to prevent flooding.

In this case, you will need to first drain your washer before you can open the door… To know how to drain the washer, read our previous guide: How to drain water from Samsung washing machine.

Next, check if the laundry is pushing the door outwards – this might make it hard for the hook to disengage from the latch assembly.

If this is the case, slightly push your door inwards before trying to disengage the hook from the latch.

If control lock (child lock) is active, you will need to first deactivate it for the door to disengage and unlock.

Depending on your model, use the following button combinations to deactivate child lock:

  • Press Temperature + Spin buttons for three seconds.
  • Press Temperature + Rinse buttons for three seconds.
  • Or, press + and buttons for three seconds and then press and hold the Start/Pause button.

Next, enter into Board Input Test Mode to perform water level frequency and drum temperature tests.

How to enter board input test mode

  1. Turn on your washing machine – it can also be running a wash cycle.
  2. Press the Signal + Delay Start buttons for at least three seconds (or until the washer beeps). Your washer should now display the current motor speed.
  3. To enter into board input test mode, press the Spin button.
  4. Turn the dial till the Extra Rinse (or Steam) LED turns on and press the Start/Pause button. The display will now show the current water temp in Fahrenheits.

If the temperature exceeds 140⁰ F, it means that the drum’s internal temperature is too high. In this case, turn off your washer and let it cool.

Once the temp comes down to 140⁰ F (or below), you can proceed to open the door.

  1. Turn the dial till the Soil Level LED turns on and press the Start/Pause button. Your display should now show you the water level frequency.

If the frequency is more than 23.80 KHz, it means your washing machine is not draining.

Therefore, proceed to manually drain it using this article to guide you along: How to drain Samsung frontload washing machine.

  1. Turn the dial till the No Spin LED turns on and press the Start/Pause button. Your display will now tell you the current door lock switch status: UL if unlocked and LO if locked.

If the display is showing UL yet the door is closed, test the switch for continuity… No continuity means the door lock switch is bad – purchase a replacement switch assembly.

If continuity passes, check voltage at pins #3 of CN2 and pin #2 of CN3 connectors on your control board.

If you are not getting a reading of 120v AC, it means the control board is bad and you ought to replace it.

Again, you can purchase a replacement control board and swap out the bad one as a DIY project.

  1. To exit the board input test mode, press the Signal + Delay Start buttons for three seconds. Alternatively, press the power button to turn off the washer.

Samsung front load washer door lock problem – parting words

For the most part, when the door is acting up, your Samsung washer can display any of these codes: dS, d5, FL, L0, dE, dE1, dE2, dC1, dL, 1 dC, 1dC1, 1dC4, ddC, or dC3… In some models, dC might also point to a faulty door.

P.S: If your FlexWash washer displays the door error code 1dC4, it means that the rubber button next to the upper washer’s latch is missing. So, to clear the code, be sure to get a replacement rubber button.


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