Do you put tide pods directly in washer?

Over the years, Tide pods have become quite a popular laundry choice for many households. But, one question remains on how to use them: Do you put Tide pods directly in washer?

Well, today, I shall demystify this question – I will tell you where Tide pods are designed to be put and why.

Additionally, I will give you a few dos and don’ts to help you effectively use Tide pods during laundry.

Do you put Tide pods directly in washer?

To be straightforward, the short answer is: Yes. You should put Tide pods directly in the washing machine drum.

And, below are a few reasons why the drum is the best place to place the pods:

  • Prevents residue formation: Placing the pods inside the drum prevents them from getting trapped inside the detergent dispenser compartment. As such, this reduces the chances of detergent residue building up in your washer.
  • Avoids clogs: More so in the detergent compartment. We can attribute this to the fact that there is no residue buildup.
  • Efficient dispersion: Tide pods are designed to fully dissolve in water during a wash cycle. This way, they will evenly release and distribute their cleaning agents throughout the cycle. This allows for the cleaning agents to penetrate the fabric evenly resulting in your clothes coming out cleaner.

How to use Tide pods in washing machines

Now that you know where to put the Tide pods, let me walk you through how to use them correctly.

Step 1: Determine your load size

This will help you prevent overloading your washing machine.

Generally, you should not load the washer past ¾ way.

This ensures that there is enough water to fully dissolve the pod – otherwise, you risk spotting your laundry.

Additionally, overloading past this mark might result in your clothes coming out dirty, wet, or streaked with detergent residue.

Also, making sure you are not overloading the washer protects its internal parts such as the drum bearings and motor.

Step 2: Put the Tide pod in the washer

Using dry hands, take the pac out of the box and place it at the back/bottom of the drum.

Note that the number of pods will depend on your laundry size.

Tide recommends that you use one pod for a small load, two Tide pods for a medium load, and three pods for large loads.

Pro tip: The number of Tide pods to put in the washer will depend on the pod type. Case in point, one Tide Power Pod™ equals two Tide Pods™.

Where do you put tide pods in a top load washer?

In a top load washing machine, it is best to place the Tide pod at the bottom of the drum.

Remember to put the pod before you put your laundry.

Where do you put a tide pod in a front loading washer?

For front-loading washers, place the Tide pod at the back of the drum – do so before you add the laundry.

Step 3: Place your laundry and run your washer

Load your washer by placing your laundry over the Tide pod pac.

Next, select the appropriate wash cycle for your laundry and start the washer.

Knowing where to put the pods is not enough to guarantee a clean wash. Below, are a few more tips that will guarantee you are getting the most out of your Tide pods:

Where do you put a Tide pod in a washer – a few tips and tricks you should know

A word on water temperature

Tide pods dissolve fully in both cold and hot water.

However, during winter, the water might get too cold for Tide pods to dissolve fully.

When this occurs, it is advisable to first dissolve the pod in warm water and pour this water into the drum before starting the wash cycle.

Alternatively, you might increase the water temperature if the fabric is not ruined by warm water.

On the length of the wash cycle

When using Tide pods, make sure that the wash cycle lasts at least 15 minutes.

This ensures that the pods have ample time to dissolve into the water and penetrate the fabric of your garments ensuring a thorough and cleaner wash.

How to avoid laundry streaking/spotting

It is not uncommon for clothes to come out of the washer with detergent spots after using pods.

Normally, this means that the Tide pod did not dissolve fully and this could be due to three reasons:

  • You are overloading the washer hence there isn’t enough water to fully dissolve the Tide pod.
  • The water might be too cold for the pod to dissolve fully – as we have seen above.
  • You are putting the pod after throwing in the clothes.

So, when this occurs, it is advisable that you rewash your clothes immediately (before throwing them to the dryer) using the largest load capacity setting.

This way, you will make sure that your clothes will get hit with enough water to dislodge this detergent residue.

Do you put Tide pods in before or after clothes?

For best results, put the pod(s) before adding the clothes.

This will ensure that the pod comes in full contact with the water hence dissolving fully.

The major limitation of putting the pod on top of the laundry is that the pod might not dissolve fully. And, this might leave your clothes with some detergent residue spots.

Can you use Tide pods in any washer?

Yes, you can.

One key selling point of Tide pods is that they are compatible with various washing machines (top-loading and front-loading models).

Additionally, Tide pods are safe to use in high-efficiency (HE) washers.

Do you put tide pods directly in washer – recap

Tide pods should be put inside the washing machine – right before you put your laundry.

This allows for the pods to dissolve fully into the water with no detergent residue formation.


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