How can I perform Samsung washing machine door lock override?

Previously, we have seen how to unlock a Samsung washing machine when it won’t unlock. In this Samsung washing machine door lock override guide, I will tell you how you can bypass your washer’s locking mechanism if the former guide does not work.

In addition to that, I will also guide you on how to bypass the door lock switch when the door won’t close.

So, read on to discover how to bypass your Samsung washing machine door lock mechanism…

Samsung washing machine door lock override

Of course, before trying to bypass the door lock, be sure to first try the basics (from our previous guide above):

  • Drain the washer.
  • Deactivate child lock.
  • Reset the washing machine.
  • Let the unit sit for some time (around 30 minutes) before trying to unlock it.

For the most part, trying these might unlock your washer – without further troubleshooting.

Pro tip: Before overriding a front load washer door, you will need to first drain out its water. Otherwise, you risk flooding your laundry room once the door opens.

If you are not sure how to drain it, read our other article on the same: How to drain water from a Samsung washing machine.

After draining the water, give the door one more tug to see if it opens – at times the washer might open after draining it.

If it still won’t unlock, proceed to bypass it using the methods below:

Method 1: Pull the tab next to the drain filter – for front load washers

If you open the drain filter assembly (behind the small rectangular panel at the bottom right corner of the washer), you should see a small tab next to the filter.

While tugging at the door, pull this tab downwards – if you do it at the same time, the door should pop open.

Method 2: Use a nylon string to unlock the washer

Alternatively, you can use a trimmer, fishing line, or any other strong string provided it’s thin enough to fit around a closed washer door.

In front load washers, you will insert the string towards the top of the door. However, in top load models, insert the string at the front of the lid.

Next, carefully slide the string around the lid/door making sure it goes through the door hook and comes out towards the hinge.

Where the ends of the string meet, tie a knot and give the door/lid a firm pull. This will disengage the hinge and the door/lid should pop open.

If you cannot figure out how to do it, use the video below to guide you along:

Pro tip: You can also try using a credit card to disengage the door hook. But, beware this is a bit harder than using a string.

Method 3: How to bypass any Samsung washing machine door unlock mechanism

In this method, you will need to first disassemble your washer – the steps below will guide you along.

  1. Unplug the washer from the power outlet. Alternatively, you can decide to trip the circuit breaker.
  2. Remove the four screws holding the top panel and proceed to lay the panel aside.
  3. You should have the latch assembly in sight – now try locating the door hook.

To make locating the hook easier, try to unlock the door – you will see the hook engaging in the assembly.

  1. Sneak your arm inside the washer to the tab (hook) engaging the door lock in place and push it – just be gentle not to break it.


Other times, you might be interested in bypassing your Samsung washing machine door lock switch so as to lock the washer.

For the most part, this is usually so if the old switch is faulty and you have ordered a replacement switch but you need to wash some laundry before the new switch arrives.

Fortunately, you can still bypass the switch and run some wash cycles – use any of the two methods below depending on the washer model.

Method 1: Use a jumper wire

The good thing about this method is that it is universal – can be used in all washer models – yet cheap.

That said, remove the door/lid lock switch assembly and insert the jumper wire into the two wire harness connectors.

Using an electric tape, tape the jumper wire into place.

This will prevent moisture from getting in or the wire coming off.

You can now reassemble your washer and proceed to run it.

Method 2: Use a magnet – for top load washers

Since most top load washers rely on magnetic forces to lock the switch, put a small magnet inside the lid striker hole.

This will make the control board think that the lid is locked.

As a result, it will allow you to run wash cycles as if the switch was good.

Samsung washing machine door lock override – parting words

The above steps will help you override both top load and front load washers when they won’t unlock or lock.

So, be sure to give them a try.

Good luck!


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