Explain how to unlock Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine to me

Imagine trying to get your laundry out of the washer but the washer just won’t open. You tug at it, push, hit, but nothing. What next?

Well, after reading this guide on how to unlock Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine, you can say goodbye to this problem.

So, let’s have a look at what causes this and how you can troubleshoot and fix the problem.

How to unlock Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine [Instructions]

Of course, to know how to fix your washer, we need to first understand what is causing it to act up… And I can tell you that there are several possible causes for your Eco Bubble washer not to unlock.

As such, we shall be looking at how to resolve all these possible causes individually.

First deactivate control/child lock

Remember that the control lock prevents kids from changing an appliance settings (or trying to run the appliance).

And when it comes to washers, activating the control lock prevents the door from unlocking.

If your Samsung Eco Bubble washer is displaying either of the below icons, it means that control lock is active:

How to unlock Eco Bubble washing machine

In this case, you will need to deactivate it before you can be able to open the door.

To deactivate the control/child lock in a Samsung Eco Bubble washer, press the Spin and Temperature buttons for three seconds.

However, this might not work on your model – the steps vary slightly by model.

So, if it does not work on your model, try the following combinations:

  • Press the Rinse + Temperature buttons for three seconds.
  • Press the + and buttons (under Delay End) for three seconds and then press and hold the Start/Pause button.
  • If your model has a navigation dial, tap the Additional Functions button and turn the dial to the Child Lock function. Tap the Select button and select Off to deactivate child lock.

Once you deactivate the control lock, you can proceed to try and open your washing machine.

If it still won’t unlock, it means that the control lock wasn’t to blame… In this case, try the other possible solutions below:

How to unlock Eco Bubble Samsung washing machine – additional fixes to try

Power cycle (hard reset) the washer

At times, your washer might not be unlocking due to the presence of static charges in the control board.

Having that in mind, reset the washer to see if this fixes the issue.

To reset the washer, unplug it from the power outlet and let it sit for five minutes – alternatively, trip the circuit breaker for five minutes.

Once done, you can power on your washer and see if it unlocks.

Drain the washer

For the most part, this will be the case if your model is a front load washer… The reason why the washer won’t unlock is to prevent flooding.

So, if your washer still has water, first manually drain it before trying to unlock it.

Don’t worry if you feel lost on how to drain the washer – read our other guide to know How to drain water from Samsung washing machine.

Once you have drained the washer, you can proceed to unlock it – it should unlock easily.

Let the washer sit for some time before trying to unlock it

Other times, it could be that the temperature inside the washer’s drum is too high (above 140⁰ F).

When this occurs, the washer will not unlock until the temperature comes down to 140⁰ F (or below).

So, power off the washer and let it sit for around 30 minutes before trying to unlock it again.

How do you unlock a Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine – more fixes to try

Fix the door latch assembly

Other times, your Eco Bubble washing machine might not be unlocking due to a faulty door latch assembly.

With that in mind, start by making sure the door lock switch connector is properly inserted into the control board – if it is loose, reinsert it properly.

If the wire connector connecting the latch assembly and the control board is broken, patch/replace it as necessary.

Once done, you can try unlocking the door.

If it still won’t unlock, there’s a chance that the door lock switch is bad.

To be sure, test the switch for continuity – if it lacks continuity, it means it is bad.

When this is the case, you will need to replace the switch before the door can open – order a replacement switch on Amazon.

Swap out the control board

Before I proceed, I must mention that this is a rare cause for your washer not to unlock.

A faulty control board could be detecting the wrong signal from the door lock switch and as a result, the board won’t release the switch after the wash cycle.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the control board, there isn’t much you can do to troubleshoot/test it.

That being so, if you have tried all the previous steps to no avail, high chances are that the control board is bad.

In this case, your best bet will be to purchase a replacement control board and swap out the old one.

Once done replacing the board, you can proceed to unlock your washer – by now, it should unlock without a hassle.

How to unlock Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine – parting words

If you need to get a replacement part (such as a door lock switch or control board), you do not want to leave your clothes inside the washer… You not only risk the clothes smelling but also spoiling the fabric.

With that in mind, before your replacement part arrives, you can use our other guide: Samsung washing machine door lock override to help you open the washer and remove your clothes.


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