Why is my Euhomy Dryer not drying clothes?

Why Is My Euhomy Dryer Not Drying Clothes?

Are your clothes still damp after a cycle in your Euhomy dryer?

Well, in this post, I will share with you some of the possible reasons why your dryer isn’t doing its job as it had been doing.

So read on if you’re wondering why your Euhomy Dryer won’t dry Clothes the way you like them.

Why Is My Euhomy Dryer Not Drying Clothes?

From clogged vents to a faulty heating element, let us take a look at the potential culprits (from my experience).

We shall start with the very basic causes(those small issues that we often ignore or forget yet they end up troubling the dryer)

Overloading Your Dryer

A key cause of the problem is putting too many clothing items in there…and that typically makes your dryer struggle to make hot air circulate properly.

And that is one of the primary reasons why you could be getting damp clothes –that also takes longer to complete the drying cycle.

What to do

Make sure you are not pushing everything in there at a go- your Euhomy dryer is obviously compact so only try very small loads(at a time).

In short, high volumes won’t work..the recommendation is to keep your loads under 6 lbs(as it’s rated) for the best performance.

More tips

Here are a few further tips to ensure maximum drying:

Observe Proper load balancing– to achieve this, distribute clothes evenly in the dryer drum. It enhances drying.

Take advantage of Timed drying options– make use of the timed drying settings on your Euhomy dryer. That way, you will not have instances of over-drying or under-drying of clothes.

You could be having Clogged Dryer Vent

Could the dryer vent be blocked?

First, what are the implications?

Well, when the vent is blocked, your dryer will once again have air circulation restrictions (Recall that hindered airflow makes it difficult for moist air to escape).

So, how can you tell if the vent is obstructed?

Euhomy Dryer not drying

Well, common signs that your dryer vent is congested include longer drying times, clothes that are still significantly wet(not fully dry), and an abnormally hot dryer or laundry room.

What to do

First, it is very important to clean the lint trap after every load of laundry…I cannot emphasize that enough(Both the filters must be regularly cleaned between loads).

The good thing is that on the P11 of your Euhomy dryer User Manual, there are clear instructions on how you should clean and even replace the filters.

Heads up

A nice way to clean your lint catcher is by using a vacuum hose….I find that it gets the debris out perfectly(there’s no hassle of disassembling the lintcatcher).

Next, always check and clean the dryer vent hose as well as exhaust vent (if you see any clogs).

In a nutshell, you must get rid of any accumulated lint/debris otherwise there will be an airflow fault, and hence a load of wet clothes.

You Cannot Rule Out Improper Installation Of The Exhaust Hose

Also, check if your exhaust hose is installed as instructed in the manual that came with your Euhomy dryer…you want to verify that it is securely connected (to avoid air leakage and/or blocked flow of hot air)

The worrying thing is that wrongly installed (or kinked or worn out) exhaust hose tends to bring airflow/ ventilation issues too, which in turn leads to soaked clothes(and insanely longer drying times).


Defective Heating Element

if you find that your items still aren’t drying the right way even after correcting the overloading and cleaning the vent, then you need to pay attention to the heating element.


Because if it is not working, then there’s no way your clothes will get dry (Recall that the heating element generates the heat that is central to drying your clothes).

So, why does it get damaged?

Well, over time, the heating coil inside the element will occasionally get damaged/ worn out.

The result is, of course, insufficient heat production.

What to do

Grab a multimeter and test the heating element- use your multimeter to test its continuity and proceed to replace it (you might have to contact the company)if on testing the heating coil, there’s no continuity.

Extra tip

A malfunctioning temperature sensor could be preventing the heating element from reaching the desired temperature, resulting in ineffective drying.

Just test it- and change it out if there’s no continuity/resistance on the sensor


The Thermostat might have Malfunctioned

When the stat in your Euhomy dryer develops a fault, it can hamper the drying process too……


Now, a wonky thermostat can also stop the dryer from hitting the set temperature, so you could start ending up with dripping clothes.

What to do

Try the following troubleshooting techniques:

  • Double check the thermostat settings– you want to confirm that the thermostat is actually set to the best temperature for drying clothes(depending on what you’re drying).
  • Clean the thermostat sensor– when dust and debris accumulates on the sensor, there’s a chance it will act up so check and clean it gently(wipe with a soft cloth).
  • Test the stat for continuity– Finally, use a multimeter to see if the thermostat has continuity (get a new one, if it shows no continuity).



Why Is My Euhomy Dryer Not Drying Clothes? A Recap

Overloading dryer can lead to longer drying times and clothes remaining damp or not fully dry….start by eliminating any overloading.

A clogged or an improperly installed exhaust hose can lead to insufficient airflow and ventilation, so it is important to securely connect the hose to the dryer and vent, check for obstructions or kinks, and see if there’s any damage or wear on the hose too.

A faulty heating element, due to a damaged or worn out heating coil or malfunctioning temperature sensor, can result in insufficient heat production. So check it next.

A malfunctioning thermostat can be behind the issue of partially dried clothes so check thermostat settings, clean the thermostat sensor, and test the stat for continuity (install a replacement if necessary).

Bonus tip

If you feel that your Euhomy dryer needs a replacement part, you can contact Euhomy’s customer support. They will help you find the part.

Did this help?

If not, we would be more than happy to help you: go here to send us more questions


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