How do I fix LG dryer flow sense D80 error?

In today’s article, I will be telling you what causes the LG dryer flow sense d80 error code. And of course, I will also give you the necessary steps you can take to clear this code.

But before we begin, let me mention that the d80 error code is similar to the d90 and d95 codes. And as such, you can also use these troubleshooting steps to fix d90 and d95 error codes in LG dryers.

LG dryer flow sense D80 – how to fix LG dryer D80 (LG dryer D80 how to clean)

The most common reason for the d80 error code is a crushed/blocked venting system.

How you can fix it

Start by confirming that the exhaust hose behind the dryer is not crushed. If it is, be sure to straighten it out.

Next, pull the dryer from the wall and disconnect the hose from the wall’s venting system. Also, remove the wall cap at the exit of the vent.

Pro tip: Before you proceed, make sure that you have the following dryer vent cleaning tools:

Steps for dryer vent cleaning

  1. Wear your facemask and protective glasses.
  2. Remove any lint that might be at the entrance of the hose. To do so, use the vacuum cleaner to suction as much lint as you can.
  3. Connect the cleaning brush to the drill.
  4. With the vac still running (and the hose still inside the vent), insert the cleaning brush into the vent and run the drill clockwise. This way, the vac will suction the lint as it is being dislodged by the brush.
  5. As the brush gets into the vent, connect the next rod and continue cleaning. Now, for added insurance, you might want to tape the rod connections using the masking tape. This will prevent the rods from disintegrating inside the vent.
  6. If your vent is longer than the cleaning kit can reach, repeat the above steps but this time from the vent’s exit point.
  7. Replace the wall cap at the exit and reconnect your dryer.

During the cleaning process, the brush might not go past a certain point perhaps due to a crushed vent. As such, you will want to be sure if the vent is indeed crushed or if it’s just some troublesome lint.

Fortunately, you can make use of a dryer vent endoscope camera to help you know if the vent is crushed.

Remember, if the vent is crushed, you will need to fix/replace it.

LG Dryer D80 no blockage (LG dryer flow sense no blockage)

At times, the vent might not be blocked/crushed. And as such, cleaning it will not reset the d80 code.

In such cases, here’s what you can do…

Make sure that you are not overloading the dryer

Here’s the thing: Overloading the dryer is a good way to restrict the airflow inside the dryer.

As a result, the dryer might end up detecting this as a clog in the venting system thereby triggering the flow sense system.

With that in mind, make sure that you are not loading your dryer more than ¾ way.

The lint filter might be dirty

And, this might be restricting the airflow from the dryer.

So, be sure to clean the lint filter.

For best results, do not just vacuum it. Instead, after vacuuming it, open and clean it thoroughly using water – do this to get rid of any residue that might remain after vacuuming.

Pro tip: It is advisable that you clean the lint filter after every load.

Your exhaust duct system might be too long (or it has many bends)

In turn, this could be resulting in the blower wheel assembly being unable to blow air all the way out.

How you can fix it

For most LG dryers, the maximum recommended exhaust duct length is 65ft (with no bends).

But since it is inevitable to avoid a bend, LG recommends that you deduct around 6ft. of length for every 90⁰ bend.

Pro tip: The length of the exhaust duct is also determined by the exterior wall cap you are using as you can see below:

LG dryer d80 no blockage

So, make sure that your exhaust duct is within this range (depending on the number of bends it has).

Something else: Remember that the maximum length of the flexible vent behind the dryer should not exceed 8ft.

Check the blower wheel assembly for lint

If the blower wheel is full of lint, the lint is likely to reduce the blowing power of the blower assembly – the assembly won’t blow air all the way out.

And, this could be what is triggering your LG dryer flow sense d80 code (or LG flow sense 4 bars).

So, be sure to vacuum out any lint that you might find in the blower wheel assembly.

Reset the circuit breaker (for electric models)

As you might well know, electric dryers need at least 220v AC power for them to function.

With that in mind, it could be that the circuit breaker is half-tripped. And, this might be causing the heating elements not to function.

So, be sure to check the breaker and reset it if it is half-tripped.

Confirm that the heating element is good – for electric models

A faulty heating element is also likely to result in the d80 error code as it impedes your dryer’s heating functionality.

So, first inspect the heating element for any visual signs of damage.

If there are none, proceed to test it for continuity between the terminals. For an element with three terminals, test for continuity between all three terminals – that is 1&2, 1&3, and 2&3.

If it lacks continuity, it means that it is bad.

Fortunately, replacing the heating element is an easy DIY that you can perform. But first, shop for a replacement heating element on Amazon.

Confirm that the heating assembly is working (for gas models)

Here, start by confirming that your dryer’s gas supply is working. If it isn’t, make sure that the gas valve is fully open.

If the valve is open though gas is not flowing, have your local gas supply company come to fix it.

On the other hand, if the gas supply is okay, proceed to test the igniter and the radiant flame sensor for continuity.

If any of these parts lacks continuity, then it is to blame.

The good news is that they are quite affordable and require no professional skills to replace them… See current prices for LG gas dryer radiant flame sensor or LG dryer gas igniter.

The thermal fuse might be to blame

Finally, your LG dryer might be showing the d80 code due to a blown thermal fuse.

Luckily, you can quickly determine if the thermal fuse is to blame by testing it for continuity… No continuity implies that the fuse is bad.

In this case, order a replacement thermal fuse and swap out the faulty one.

LG dryer flow sense reset

To reset your dryer’s flow sense, start by troubleshooting the dryer using the steps we have seen above.

Pro tip: The dryer might need to run up to three dry cycles before the d80 error code disappears.

In this case, you can reset the flow sense error by bypassing it using these steps:

  1. Turn off the dryer and proceed to power it on.
  2. Press and hold the Signal and Time Dry buttons together for 3 seconds.
  3. If successful, the dryer will display OFF indicating that you have deactivated flow sense.

Pro tip: If you repeat the above steps, the dryer will display ON to show that you have activated flow sense.

Something else: If these steps do not work on your model, try the following other button combinations:

  • Less Time + Energy Saver
  • Less Time + Turbo Steam (Control Lock)
  • Wrinkle care + Energy Saver
  • Wrinkle Care + Time Dry

LG dryer flow sense test

Now, as you might have seen, there are several causes for the LG d80 error code (or all 4 flow sense bars illuminating).

Luckily, you can quickly test to see if the cause of the problem is within dryer the or outside the dryer.

To do so, disconnect the dryer from the vent and run it for some minutes.

If the code resumes, it means that the possible cause is within the dryer.

On the other hand, if the dryer runs without displaying the code, it means that the problem is outside the dryer.

LG dryer flow sense D80 – parting words

Remember, it is always advisable to clean the dryer’s venting system once every six months. However, at times you might need to clean it more often especially if you have a big household.


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