Why is My Delonghi PAC EX100 silent displaying error F2?

Why Is My Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent Displaying Error F2?

Is your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent displaying error F2?

Well, in this post, we’ll look into what could be behind this error and share with you troubleshooting steps to help you fix it (and enjoy undisturbed cooling again).

I will also show you how to reset your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent because sometimes a simple reset is all it takes to resolve some of the basic portable AirCons issues.

Why Is My Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent Displaying Error F2?

Possible Causes of Error F2

If your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent is displaying an F2 error, one of the following could be the reason..

Bad temp sensor

One of the very notorious causes of the F2 error code is a defective temperature sensor.

You see, since this sensor detects the temperature inside your unit, it can trigger the F2 error when it stops working

Clogged air filter

Another pretty common cause of the F2 error is a clogged air filter.

Thing is, when the air filter becomes dirty and blocked, it restricts the airflow.

That in turn tends to cause the AC to overheat, and the F2 error.

A wonky control board

If not the above two, it could be that you either have a bad control board in there or there’s an issue with the compressor….both situations occasionally result in the F2 fault code.

In fact, F2 error points to a fault with the Invertor module….

Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent f2 error

Troubleshooting Steps for Delonghi EX100 silent PAC F2 error flashing problem

Now that you have a good idea about what’s the root cause of the Delonghi PAC EX100 F2 fault, let me explain what you can try to repair your AC…

To troubleshoot the F2 error on your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent PAC, try the following repairs:

Clean the air filter

First, check if the air filter is dirty or clogged. If so, clean or replace it as necessary.

Check exhaust hose installation and condition

Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent f2

Next, make sure the exhaust hose is properly connected and not blocked…remove any kinks you see.

Reset your unit

If the error does not go away, try resetting the PAC….you can do that by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in…this could help make the temp sensor resume functioning.

How to clean your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent

While resetting your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent can go a long way in restoring your air con to a working state, regularly cleaning is also crucial if you want it to keep cooling optimally.


To clean your unit, start by turning it off and unplugging it.

Next, remove the air filter and wash it under running water..be sure to leave it to dry completely before reinstalling.

Oh, and use a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior of the unit and remove any dust or debris you see.

Bonus tip

Do not forget to regularly check and clean the condensation drain…it helps prevent potential blockages.


When to Seek Professional Help for Error F2

If you’re unable to resolve Error F2 on your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent by following the above troubleshooting tips, it may be time to request professional help.

I already told you that F2 quite often says there’s a problem with the invertor module, and that means you may need to have your PAC checked at your nearest Delonghi service centre.

Of course, changing out the control board- and you should only do that once you have eliminated every other possibility- may also need you to reach out to Delonghi (to get the part or for further testing)


Why Is My Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent Displaying Error F2? Recap

Error F2 in a Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent may be caused by a problem with the temperature sensor, control board, the invertor module, or temperature sensor malfunction.

Troubleshooting steps for Error F2 include checking the air filter and exhaust hose for blockages, resetting the unit by unplugging it, or replacing the invertor module (or even the entire control board).

Now, to reset your Delonghi PAC EX100 Silent unit, unplug it for a few minutes.

Also, remember to regularly clean the unit as well as the condensation drain.

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