Why is my Cooluli Concord fridge fan too loud?

Why Is My Cooluli Concord Fridge Fan Too Loud?

Is your Cooluli Concord fridge fan making an unbearable racket? Nothing can be more annoying but don’t worry, I will be sharing with you what you need to silence that noisy nuisance(you don’t want to have sleepless nights- it can happen if you’re using it in the bedroom).

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Why Is My Cooluli Concord Fridge Fan Too Loud?

From incorrect fan placement to overcrowding and dust buildup, there are quite a number of reasons that could be behind your fridge fan’s excessive noise (it is not designed to be too loud).

Let us get into the specifics…

Incorrect fan placement and obstructions can cause vibrations and noise

If your Cooluli Concord fridge fan is too loud, it may be due to having been placed incorrectly.

Put another way, improper fan placement tends to trigger vibrations and noise that can be bothersome.

What to do

To reduce fan noise, try these simple techniques:

Step 1

First, ensure that the fan is securely mounted and not loose (a loose fan can rattle and create additional noise).

Step 2

Next, check for any obstructions around the fan ..that is important because such blockages could be causing it to work harder than necessary.

So clear any debris or objects that may be blocking the fan’s airflow.

Step 3

Regular fan maintenance is also super essential if your fridge will run quiet.

So go ahead and clean the fan blades as well as the surrounding areas ..you want to get rid of any dust or dirt buildup you are seeing.

How to clean your fridge

First, unplug your fridge and locate the fan.

Now, it’s usually located at the back or bottom of the fridge.

You want to use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner (with a brush attachment) to gently remove the dust and debris from the fan blades and surrounding areas.

Please be careful not to damage any components…they get easily damaged..

Cooluli fridge fan too loud

Once you are done with the fan blades, proceed to clean the vents and grilles of your fridge.


Because they can also accumulate dust and debris, again restricting airflow and making the fan struggle to circulate air (Use a damp cloth or a brush to remove any build-up).

Bonus tip:

Consider placing your fridge in a well-ventilated area to prevent dust and debris from forming quickly.

Allow me to explain further:

You see, when there isn’t enough airflow where you have positioned the fridge, heat can build up.

The implication?

The fan once more starts to overwork, producing more noise.

And yes, this can happen if your fridge is in a tight space

So make sure there’s enough space all around your fridge for air to move around freely.

Reminder: While at it, check if the vents are blocked by dust or other debris- and remove any you see.


You may have overcrowded the fridge

Many of us are tempted to load everything in the fridge even if its capacity does not allow…

Yup… limited storage space can often tempt us to cram our fridges with items..

Problem is that this can disrupt the airflow, causing the fan to work harder, which in turn triggers increased noise.

What’s more, overcrowding can lead to poor temperature control, as your food items may block the vents and hinder the cool air from reaching all areas of the fridge.

What to do

To bring down the noise of your Cooluli Concord fridge fan to its previous levels, organize the fridge’s interior in a way there’s no overcrowding.

You guessed it right..by arranging your fridge and keeping only essential items inside, you create space for proper air circulation.

That way, the fan typically operates more quietly.


By maintaining an organized and clutter-free interior, you can significantly cut down the noise level while ensuring optimal cooling performance.

Cooluli Concord fridge fan too loud

Bad fan motor

A defective fan motor can be behind your noisy fan (The fan motor circulates air throughout the fridge, and if it’s failing, it can produce excessive noise).

What to do

One common issue is a faulty electrical connection, which can make the motor start running at higher speeds than necessary, bringing about too much noise.

Now, the solution here is to change out the fan motor.

Bonus tip:

It’s important that you order the correct replacement part – one that is compatible with your Cooluli Concord fridge model.


Why Is My Cooluli Concord Fridge Fan Too Loud? – Wrapping it up

Of all the possible reasons for an obnoxiously loud fan in your Cooluli Concord fridge we have mentioned above, please prioritize proper ventilation.

I cannot emphasize this enough: Ensuring adequate airflow won’t only reduce noise but also maintain the fridge’s performance at optimal levels and prolong its lifespan.

Otherwise, make sure to keep the fan area clean, avoid overcrowding, and check if the fan motor is really functional.

One more tip: If using it in the bathroom (for your cosmetics), be sure to wipe down condensation on the interior frequently…and don’t push back of your Cooluli too close to the backsplash- I once pulled mine out(from the backsplash) to clean and the amount of dust on the fan vent was shocking….Of course, like all fridges, your Cooluli needs circulating air behind it.

How to contact Cooluli

Reach out to Cooluli customer support at info@cooluli.com

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