Portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running. Help!

Your portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running? Here’s is what you need to check to fix the issue

Typically, issues like a clogged filter, an inaccurate temperature setting, fan hiccups, etc. may be to blame for a portable air conditioner not blowing cold.

Here is exactly what you should examine if your portable air conditioner won’t blow cold air, depending on your model.

How to fix a portable air conditioner that is not blowing cooling air but you can hear the compressor

Troubleshooting Portable Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air issue

If your portable air conditioner is running but not blowing cold air, try checking the filter, exhaust hose, or refrigerant levels.

Get your portable AC unit blowing cold again with these troubleshooting tips.

If your portable air conditioner won’t cool, you should generally examine the following regions or components first.

Portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running – What to try

Have you selected the correct settings?

Here, you should pay attention to the mode and temperature settings.

To begin with, confirm that the Cool mode is selected on your portable AC.

Of course, if your unit is set to the Dry or Fan settings, you cannot expect it to blast cold air.

Second, and most importantly, make sure the unit is set to a temperature low enough to allow it to chill your living room or bedroom.

To put it another way, your air conditioner can only adequately chill a space if the set temperature is lower than the ambient temperature.

So utilize the controls on your thermostat to adjust the settings appropriately


Adjust the fan too

Low airflow could be the result of the fan ceasing to blow vigorously; this could happen if the fan speed is not adjusted high enough.

Other potential causes include dust accumulation on fan blades (dirt accumulation weighs down the blades and makes it more difficult for your fan to spin).

What exactly to do

Utilizing the appropriate button, increase (or set to high) the fan speed.

And yes, you might need to disassemble the fan here, so be careful to clean the blades as well.

Additionally, try turning the AC off to see if the fan blades continue functioning normally.


Move on to the filter

The filter is another typical bad boy if your portable air conditioner won’t cool but it runs.

You see, if it is blocked, there won’t be enough airflow, which could lead to the unit ceasing to blast cold air.

So the next thing you should do is inspect and clean the filter- your portable AC may finally start cooling properly.

Portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running – more fixes to try

Don’t forget the evaporator as well as the cooling coils.

The cooling/evaporator coils on your portable AC could develop frost, which would prevent it from blowing cold air.

For starters, frost develops when water condenses around coils due to low temperatures (this also reduces airflow).

Freezing in the coils might also be brought on by obstructed airflow.

So it is important to check the coils -remove any frost you see.

Lastly, be sure to clean(inspect for filth first) the coils thoroughly.


Verify that there is enough room around the appliance (to provide proper airflow).

Also, make sure there is ample room around the AC as well.

To be clear, you want to move any furniture, flower pots, décor items, or other obstructions to the airflow in order to improve it.

Oh, and make sure you put it far enough away from the window.


The exhaust pipe is next

Hot air may not be venting out if the exhaust line is kinked or obstructed hence you may discover that your portable air conditioner is unable to blow cold air into your space.

That being so, check the hose and clear any obstructions (debris, leaves, etc.) that may be present.


Could the refrigerant be leaking? Check

Now, if the refrigerant in your portable air conditioner is low, it may have been leaking.

If this is the problem, call in a professional – only an authorized person can check and confirm this.

He/she will recharge your AC, if need be.

Pro tip: Do your homework beforehand because it can be less expensive to buy a new portable air conditioner than to have it recharged with Freon.


How to fix portable air conditioner not cooling –more tips to resolve the small portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running issue

Perhaps there is air leaking into the house from unlocked or cracked windows and/or doors.

Also, are you forgetting to shut the curtains when the sun is out?

Next, do your windows have any dew or condensation that could cause a little crack or cause the weather seal to dry rot?

Or perhaps there is simply too much room to cool off.

Well, the thing is you need to check all these basics as well if you want it to cool you down..


Portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running – what to check in summary

First, can you verify that the setting is set to “air conditioning” and not “dehumidify” or “fan”?

That’s where to start your troubleshooting

Next, could the evaporator coil be iced over? Check

Also, is the filter really clean? Can you also check.

If you’re not sorted yet, you most likely have a clogged drain pipe so try to flush it out (remove any kicks too), and probably that will fix the issue.

Besides, Freon can be the problem- if insufficient (get a pro to check and do your math before getting it recharged)

Oh, and please do not forget the basics- you want to move any furniture, flower pots, décor items, or other obstructions to the airflow in order to improve it.



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