How do I fix Hisense air conditioner E5 error?

So, what does Hisense air conditioner E5 error mean and how can you fix the AC?

Well, read on if your Hisense air con has shown error code E5 on the display and you’re not sure how to make it cool again (I will show you how to fix Hisense E5 error).

Hisense air conditioner E5 error – What Hisense air conditioner E5 fault means

First things first: What does E5 mean on Hisense air conditioner (Hisense portable AC)

Overall, E5 code on Hisense air conditioner indicates that your AC’s water container (inside the unit) has filled with water..

And that means it won’t operate until you drain it.

See? I just gave you a hint about how to fix E5 error code, which by the way is perhaps one of the most common Hisense air conditioner error codes.

In other words, fixing E5 error code Hisense air conditioner is pretty easy….all you gotta do is drain the water reservoir!

Lets therefore talk about draining your AC water container….


How to fix E5 error on Hisense air conditioner (Easy way to fix Hisense portable air conditioner E5)

You drain the container to get rid of Hisense portable air conditioner E5- we have already mentioned that.

The question, therefore, is how exactly do you drain the overflowing water catching tray.

Here are the answers..

How to drain Hisense portable air conditioner

Non-heating units

Option 1: Using upper drain port(Note: Dry mode only)

e5 error code air conditioner hisense

Please note that these models have a non-evaporating system- meaning that condensing water is usually recycled to help cool the condenser.

That has two benefits: 

  1. There is improved cooling efficiency for you
  2. It saves you significant energy costs

What to remember when it comes to draining using upper drain port

  • In high humidity conditions, it can be good to use it when you feel you need dehumidification.
  • It’s only used in dry mode specifically- you cannot use it either in Fan or Cool mode!
  • You have to remove primary(main) drain cover as well as the plug.
  • You need to install a proper drain hose (by proper I mean it must have a 16mm inside diameter) to go this route- you, of course, have to point the hose’s open end over a drain/bucket/out window. 

Hisense air conditioner E5 error – Other troubleshooting tips

Option 2: Using lower drain port(Note: Dry mode only)

hisense portable air conditioner e5


  1. Unplug your AC (you can just disconnect power)
  2. Move your AC to the drain location that is near or outside- be careful when moving it and keep it level (you don’t want it to start leaking water)
  3. Next, you have to remove primary(main) drain cover as well as the plug.
  4. Now drain all the water through drain hole
  5. Return the primary(main) drain cover as well as the plug- reinstall them properly
  6. Carry and put back the AC to its normal place- be sure to place it the right way
  7. Plug it back into power (reconnect power to it)

That’s all…

You can now start it. Error code E5 should now be gone 

How to drain heating units

hisense portable air conditioner what does e5 mean

Important: If on heating mode, ensure you connect the drain pipe. If you forget to do that, your AC could stop running once water fills up to the warning level. 

How to drain heating units -Step by Step instructions

  1. Uncover main drain hole/port
  2. Connect the drain tube to main drain port – before you proceed, double check the connection to be certain there’s no water leaking
  3. Place the end of drain tube (the other end) preferably into an outfall. While doing that, again double check to verify that the tube lies completely flat and is also in the drain.

Reminder: To avoid problems when draining, you need to ensure the hose’s end going to the drain you’ll be draining into is placed lower than the end connecting to the AC. Plus, the pipe should not have any kinks/pinches 


Hisense air conditioner E5 error- Recap

If you’re seeing error code E5 on your Hisense air conditioner, it is simply telling you: “Hey! My water collection tank is now full…so can you empty it?”

So just drain the tank – see your user manual (draining the AC section) if you are not very sure how to do it for your specific Hisense AC.

I suggest you contact Hisense at 1-877-465-3566 if your AC is still flashing error code E5 even after emptying the tank.


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