How do I fix GE window air conditioner error code E8?

Learn how to fix GE window air conditioner error code E8 quickly in this very short repair guide

If your GE window AC is displaying error number E8 on display, then read on to find out how to fix GE window air conditioner error code E8.

We shall look at the likely causes and then how to quickly fix the notorious GE window air conditioner error code E8.

What causes GE window air conditioner error code E8 (why does my GE window air conditioner say e8)?

Now, for the most part, General Electric window air conditioner e8 error code is due to clogging problem in/around its venting system.

You see, when the vents are clogged (as a result of dirt and debris buildup), there is likely to be compressor overload (Needless to say, clogs interfere with proper airflow and can lead to the heat remaining inside).

That’s why it is so important to occasionally deep clean your AC – it’s the surest way to keep GE window air conditioner code e8 (and a few other faults) at bay.

How to fix E8 error code GE window air conditioner

As I mentioned above, your best bet is cleaning/unclogging the AC.


Clean your GE window air conditioner filter- you must have a clean filter before you consider cleaning anything else so if you have not checked your filter recently, do that and be sure to clean it thoroughly before you proceed.

Here is what GE says about cleaning the air filter:

The filter in your room(window) air conditioner need to be cleaned (meticulously)every 30 days- that will ensure unrestricted airflow as well as optimum performance. 

The process of removing the filter  and where to find it varies depending on the exact model you own so go through the Owners Manual for clear instructions for your specific model.

how to fix e8 error code ge window air conditioner

How to clean GE window air conditioner to get rid of E8 code on GE window air conditioner

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Unplug your don’t want to trigger an electrical short as you work on it.

Step 2

Next, take the unit’s back cover off.

Step 3

Access the fan area and clean out dust buildup/debris you are seeing  below the fan. 

What you want to do is simply reach into the fan and then feel around it- you could end up finding huge dirt and debris buildup there– this is a possible culprit if you’re seeing GE air conditioner error code E8.

Step 4

Now pull on the styro-foam (the one usually covering the unit’s squirrel cage)- inspect the squirrel cage for grime (it might need cleaning, if so). 

Step 5

Take your AC’s fan cover off.

Usually you will find a couple of screws- 4, in many models- to remove…unscrew them. 

Once you do, the cover should effortlessly slide up. 

Step 6

After pulling out the AC’S fan cover, you will be able to see the interior part of that metal-made radiator ‘things’ that you normally spray off (on your AC’s rear side).

You might be aware that this is the actual venting system/network(for the coils).

Keenly observe it…there’s a likelihood you will notice  the vents completely coated with filth, meaning that you have to immediately clean it.

Step 7

To clean the gunk, you can simply use water (gently wash it off at the beginning).

Afterward,  grab a putty knife and again gently scrape off whatever is still there(dirt, bugs, animal hair, and whatever else)

That’s all…return everything in place..

If you do it right, it could finally help you get rid of the typically stubborn GE window air conditioner error code 8.

GE window air conditioner says E8 -Final thoughts

I won’t lie to you that unclogging the vents will be an easy peasy kind of work…

No! The truth is you may have to pull out your entire GE Air Conditioner out of the window making the whole process a little more tiring…

The good thing is that it’s all very worth it – it has been working for many people when it comes to resolving GE window air conditioner error code 8.


Watch the YouTube video below if you want tips about how to clean the vents (and eliminate error code E8 on your GE window ac)



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