Bosch washing machine control panel not working. Help!

Have you tried to start your Bosch washing machine only to realize that the control panel is not working?

I know that this can be really frustrating especially when you have a pile of laundry that you need to do.

In this article, I will be guiding you through the possible reasons that might lead to your washer’s control panel not responding and what you can do to fix the issue.

Bosch washing machine control panel not working

To kick us off, this might be due to one of several reasons as we are about to see.

Since each of these reasons has its own unique troubleshooting steps, we shall look at them individually…

Check the power outlet connection

Start by confirming that there is still power flowing from the power outlet to your washer.

The easiest way you can do this is by plugging your phone into the power outlet.

If the phone starts charging, then the outlet might not be the problem.

Now, if the outlet is working, make sure to completely insert the washer’s power cord into the outlet. And while at it, confirm that the power cord has not worn out.

On the other hand, if the power outlet is not working, proceed to the next step below…

Check if the circuit breaker is tripped

This is yet another cause for your Bosch washing machine control panel not working.

That being so, check to see if the circuit breaker to the washer has tripped.

If it has, be sure to reset it.

However, if the circuit breaker has not tripped yet the power outlet still does not have power, proceed to plug your washer into another working power outlet (and have an electrician look at the current outlet).

Is the childproof lock activated?

Usually, activating the childproof lock will render the control panel unresponsive to any user inputs.

With that in mind, you can easily tell if the childproof lock has been activated on your Bosch washer by simply looking at its display.

If you can see a key icon, it means that this setting has been activated.

Pro tip: Some models will display CL to indicate that the child lock has been activated.

Subsequently, deactivating the child lock will restore your control panel’s usability.

On most Bosch washers, pressing the Start button for 3 to 5 seconds will toggle this setting on and off.

However, in some models, you will need to press the rpm and finished in buttons together for 3 to 5 seconds.

And yet still, if your model has a touch screen, you should see an illuminated square button (with a key symbol) with 3 sec inscribed beneath it.

Press this button for 3 seconds to deactivate the childproof lock.

Pro tip: If you successfully deactivate the childproof lock, you will hear a chime or beep indicating that the process was successful.

Control board

This should be the final part that you inspect – you cannot troubleshoot it using a multimeter. Plus, replacing it is not cheap.

Now, depending on your Bosch washer model, remove the necessary panel and components to enable you to access the control board.

Next, carefully inspect the wire connections between the control board and the control panel.

Generally, you will want to make sure that the wiring is still in good condition.

If you note that there is a wire harness that is not properly inserted in place, be sure to remove and reconnect it properly.

Next, carefully check the harness for any scorch marks – if there are any, you just found your culprit.

Subsequently, be sure to replace the burnt wire connectors.

Moving on…

Now, if all the wire connections look pretty good, proceed to remove the control board to inspect it.

But, before removing the control board, you might want to snap a picture of the wire connections to the board. This will make it easier for you when reinserting the board back into place.

Now, if you can spot any scorch marks along the control board, it means that the board is bad and it is time to get a replacement board for your washer.

Bear in mind that you cannot test if the control board is bad by using a multimeter.

Pro tip: At times, the board might pass the visual check but it is still bad.

Bearing that in mind, if the previous troubleshooting steps do not fix your Bosch washing machine, you might consider getting a replacement control board as the final alternative.

You can order for an OEM Bosch washing machine control board replacement on stores such as Amazon (check out  Bosch washing machine control board prices).

Pro tip: Before purchasing a new control board, be sure to verify that it is compatible with your washer by checking that the part numbers are a match.

The control board should be pretty easy to replace. Plus, there are a lot of helpful YouTube videos you can watch if you need more help.

Bosch washing machine control panel not working – final thoughts

To sum it up, an unresponsive control panel is mostly due to power failure or the childproof lock being activated.

Nonetheless, sometimes it is usually as a result of an acting-up control board or faulty wire connections.

And, in this case, a control board replacement might be necessary.


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