How do I fix Bosch washing machine problems spin?

When it comes to doing laundry, few things are more frustrating than a washing machine that doesn’t work properly. If you own a Bosch washing machine and it is having spin cycle problems, you’re likely feeling a sense of disappointment and inconvenience.

The spin cycle plays a vital role in removing excess water from clothes, and any problems with it can leave your garments wet or worse, still dirty.

Fortunately, with a bit of knowledge and troubleshooting skills, you can often fix the problem yourself.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common Bosch washing machine problems related to the spin cycle and offer practical tips on how to address them.

Bosch washing machine problems spin

To start with, there are several spin problems that your Bosch washer might experience.

Since each problem has its unique troubleshooting steps, we shall look at these problems (and their possible solutions) individually.

Bosch washing machine not spinning / Bosch washing machine spin not working

To start with, confirm that you are not overloading your washing machine – utmost, load it to ¾-way.

Other than that, it could be likely that you have put a little load and the washer is detecting the drum as empty.

So, if you are washing a small load, be sure to throw in some extra clothes.

Speaking of adding some extra clothes, this will also help your Bosch washing machine to balance better during spinning.

This is also important since an unbalanced washer might also lead to your washer not spinning.

Next, check and confirm that there is water flowing into the washing machine (of course, the washer won’t spin if it is not getting any water).

If it’s still acting up, proceed to confirm that nothing is obstructing the lid/door from closing fully.

This might be anything from a hanging sock to debris build-up around the door latch.

Of course, if you note that there are some debris around the latch, be sure to clean them up.

However, if nothing is obstructing the lid/door from closing properly, proceed to open the washer and remove the lid switch.

Using a multimeter, test the lid switch for continuity.

Does it have continuity?

If it doesn’t, it means that the switch is faulty hence the cause for your washing machine not spinning.

That being so, be sure to order a good Bosch washer lid switch.

Additional solutions

Another common part that you ought to test is the heating assembly.

Here’s the thing, if any component of the heating assembly fails, it will result in the washer being caught in an endless loop (as it awaits the water to heat up) before it can start a spin cycle.

Bearing that in mind, here’s how to test the heating assembly components…

Using a multimeter, measure the resistance between the heating element’s terminals.

For this, you might want to have your tech sheet around as some models have 2 terminals while others have 4 terminals.

Now, if your model has two terminals, you should get a reading of between 20 and 50 ohms.

However, for models that have four terminals (as shown), the readings will vary a little bit.

Bosch washing machine spin not working

With that in mind, the readings for such models will be as follows:

Connections Resistance in ohms
1 & 2 104 to 124
1 & 3 52 to 62
1 & 4 52 to 62
2 & 3 52 to 62
2 & 4 52 to 62
3 & 4 0


As for the temperature sensor, the resistance readings will range between 6,000 and 50,000 ohms depending on the current temperature.

Now, the best way to confirm if the sensor is still working is by covering it with your hand – as the sensor gets warm, the resistance should start dropping.

More solutions

Check and confirm that the water level sensor is working.

To do so, first confirm that the pressure hose connecting the wash basket and the sensor is not loose, kinked, or torn.

If the hose is loose, be sure to tighten it and straighten out any kinks it might be having.

On the other hand, if it is damaged, you can either try and fix it or get a replacement pressure hose.

Otherwise, proceed to test if the water level sensor is working.

And while you still have the washer disassembled, proceed to check the belt as it could be loose or worn out.

If it is loose, be sure to tighten it with the help of the motor pulley.

On the other hand, if the belt is gone, be sure to get a replacement belt.

Pro tip: While checking the belt, if you note that the pulley is gone, then, consider replacing it too.

Finally, test the motor to see if it is still in good condition.

Bosch washing machine not spinning at full speed

Here, start by confirming that you are not overloading your washer.

This is because overloading the washer will strain the motor hence the washer won’t spin at full speed.

Also, confirm that you have selected the correct wash program for your laundry.

Here’s the thing, selecting a slow cycle such as the Delicates for heavy laundry such as comforters will also result in a slow spin cycle.

Another thing: It could be that your washer is experiencing a slow drainage problem.

Bearing that in mind, check for clogs inside the drain filter (for models that have the filter) and of course, if there are clogs, be sure to remove them.

Other than that, remove any clogs that might have found their way into the drain pump or the drain hose.

Finally, disassemble the washer and confirm that the belt is not loose. If it is, reconnect and tighten it with the help of the motor pulley.

Bosch washing machine not spinning clothes dry

For the most part, this is usually a result of the washer not spinning fast enough.

As such, you will be troubleshooting a slow spin issue.

That being so, refer to the above section – Bosch washing machine not spinning at full speed – for the possible solutions.

Bosch washing machine won’t finish spin cycle / Bosch washing machine stops mid-cycle

This is yet another spin problem you might experience with your Bosch washing machine.

From what I have seen with my clients’ washing machines, it’s mainly usually due to a clogged drainage system.

Other than that, there are several other causes that might result in this.

Now, for a better guide on how to fix this problem, you will find our other article to be useful: Bosch washing machine not finishing cycle.

Bosch washing machine problems spin – lights flashing

Usually, Bosch washing machine lights will flash in different combinations.

But, do note that this will vary from model to model and so, you might want to have your service manual nearby.

That being so, here is what to do if you have a Bosch Classixx, Logixx, or WFP series washing machine whose spin lights are flashing…

Bosch washing machine spin and rinse lights flashing

Normally, these lights will flash together with the washer’s slowest spin speed indicator light (600/400 rpm depending on model).

Start by confirming that you have closed the washer’s door properly.

And while at it, remove any obstructions that might be preventing the door from closing.

Other than that, check for anything that might be impeding drainage or preventing the washer from starting a spin cycle – we have covered this above under Bosch washing machine not spinning.

Bosch washing machine spin and end lights flashing

To start with, these lights might flash together with the 3rd spin speed indicator in which case, it indicates that water has leaked into the base pan.

In turn, this will activate the flood switch hence the flashing lights.

To fix the error, unplug and lean the washer at an angle of 45 degrees (backward). This will allow the water to drain from the base pan.

If the code persists after this, it is likely that there is another leak under there. Subsequently, you need to find (and fix) this leak.

Also, the spin and end lights might flash together with the 2nd spin speed indicator light.

When this is the case, it usually points to a motor fault.

Pro tip: In some models, the rinse and 2nd spin speed indicator lights will flash together to indicate a faulty motor. Yet still, in other models, it will be the spin and 2nd spin speed lights flashing together.

With that in mind, to fix this error, first try to reset the washer by following the steps in the video below:

If this does not fix the unit, check the carbon brushes in the motor as they could have worn out.

Bosch washing machine spin, rinse, and end lights flashing

For the most part, these lights will flash together with the lowest spin speed indicator.

And, when this does occur, it means that the washer’s water pressure is low.

To fix the error, start by making sure that the tap is fully open. Also, be sure to straighten out any kinks that might be along the water supply hose.

Other than that, be sure to clean the water filter at the end of the water hose. This is because it might be full of clogs more so if you live in an area with hard or dirty water.

Bosch washing machine spin noise – washing machine making noise during spinning

Start by confirming that you have removed the transit bolts from your washer.

Other than that, confirm that the feet are properly secured and that the appliance is level.

Next, confirm that there are no clogs within the drainage system – drain filter, drain pump, and drain hose.

Something else: Check and remove any foreign objects such as coins from the drum.

Finally, check if the shock absorbers or suspension springs are bad – if they are, be sure to replace them.

Bosch washing machine problems spin – final thoughts

If you run into problems fixing your Bosch washer, you can always find instructional videos on YouTube to guide you along.


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