Why is my Bosch washing machine stuck on 1 minute?

If you are frequently getting frustrated because your Bosch washing machine is stuck on the 1 minute mark, do not worry because you are in luck.

Today, I will give you the possible reasons that might be causing this (and of course, what you can do to resolve the issue).

Bosch washing machine stuck on 1 minute

As it stands, this is a fairly common problem amongst many Bosch washing machine owners.

However, here’s what a majority of people do not know…

For the most part, this is normal.

You see, the wash cycle is mostly a timed cycle. In other words, the control board will count down the number of minutes to wash your laundry.

However, once it proceeds to the rinse and spin cycles, the time remaining now becomes an estimate.

This is because it mostly depends on the detergent and the estimated amount of water remaining in the laundry.

You see, washing machines are designed to rinse out as much detergent as possible and wring out as much water as they can from your laundry.

With that in mind, your washer might take longer than it estimated when it comes to rinsing out the detergent and wringing out all the water.

And, all these rely on a sensor.

So, if the sensor still senses the clothes as still having suds, it will continue running a rinse cycle.

Similarly, if it still senses the load as being wet, it will continue tumbling until it is able to wring out the water to a certain level.

Pro tip: The actual remaining duration is driven by the type of clothes you are washing. For instance, comforters are more porous hence will drain faster than a dense load of socks, t-shirts, or jeans.

And remember, the time remaining is just an estimate (in this case, 1 minute) and it is not always right.


However, if you note that your Bosch washing machine is getting stuck on the 1 minute mark for long, it could be that something else is to blame.

This can be one of several causes as we are about to see…

The laundry is not well balanced

It is not uncommon for Bosch washing machines to get stuck on the 1 minute mark once the laundry gets unbalanced.

You see, as the washer tries to do the final spin cycle, it might detect that your laundry is unbalanced (more likely to happen if you are washing a small load).

As a result, the washer might get stuck in an endless loop as it tries to rebalance the load.

To achieve this, your Bosch washing machine might tumble in one way then the other.

What you can do

To quickly fix this, you can throw in some additional clothes or towels to help the washer balance better.

Something else: It could be likely that you are overloading your washing machine. In turn, this load will retain a lot of water hence your washer will be forced to repeat the spin cycle several times as it tries to wring out all the water.

Having that in mind, be sure also not to overload your washer.

The washer is experiencing drainage issues (takes longer than expected when draining)

In other words, your Bosch washer is draining slowly.

This might be due to a blockage in the drain filter, drain pump, or drain hose.

As a result, the washer will take longer than it expects to when wringing out the water from your laundry (during the spin cycle).

What you can do

If your model has a drain filter, check in there and confirm that there are no clogs.

Of course, if some clogs have accrued in there, you will need to remove them.

On the other hand, if your model does not have this filter, be sure to remove any clogs (such as socks or accrued lint) that might be trapped inside the drain pump.

Finally, remove any clogs that might be inside the drain hose. And while at it, also straighten the drain hose (if it has any kinks along it).

The heating assembly is faulty

A faulty heating assembly will result in your washing machine being caught in an endless loop.

This is because the washer will be waiting for the water to be heated before it can proceed to the next cycle.

What you can do

The first step is to pinpoint which part of the assembly has failed.

To do so, start by testing the heating element using a multimeter.

For this, first access the heating element and remove the wire connectors to the element’s terminals.

With your multimeter set to the lowest resistance reading, touch the heating element’s terminals with the probes.

Now, if the heating element is healthy, you should get a reading that is between 20 and 50 ohms.

That being so, if you get a different reading, chances are that your heating element is bad.

Subsequently, you will need to replace it.

If your element passes this test, proceed to test the temperature sensor (it is located next to the heating element).

Now, to test the temperature sensor, first disconnect it from the wire harness.

Next, insert the probes of your multimeter into the sensor’s terminals.

If the sensor is healthy, it will have a resistance of between 20,000 and 50,000 ohms.

Now, with the probes still in the sensor, place your hand over the sensor – the reading will adjust depending on your body and room temperature.

Having said that, if the sensor does not pass either of these tests, it is likely faulty and you ought to replace it.

Bosch washing machine stuck on 1 minute – final thoughts

At times, your Bosch washing machine might be stuck on the 1-minute mark due to the presence of flea charges in the control board.

Having said that, giving the machine a simple reset might just be the solution that you need.

To do so, simply unplug it from the power outlet and let it sit for around five minutes and see if this fixes it.


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