How do I perform Samsung dishwasher leak sensor reset?

When your dishwasher triggers the leak sensor, it might greatly inconvenience you. For instance, the dishwasher might start (at times even on its own) but it won’t run a cycle hence the need to quickly reset the sensor.

In this guide, I will tell you what triggers the leak sensor in Samsung dishwashers and how you can reset/fix it.

You see, most times, resetting the dishwasher provides a quick fix that does not require you to disassemble the appliance.

Samsung dishwasher leak sensor reset – what it means

Typically, Samsung dishwashers display the error codes LC or LE to indicate that the leak sensor is detecting a water leakage or moisture.

As for dishwashers that do not have a display, the Normal light might flash consistently when the unit is not running a cycle.

In other models, it could be the Heavy illumination light flashing – more so in models without the Express 60.

Moving on…

The leak sensor error might have been triggered by a faulty water inlet hose, faulty sump assembly, faulty inlet valve, and so on.

But contrary to popular beliefs, a leak sensor error does not always mean that a dishwasher is leaking.

At times, the leak could point to an incorrectly installed garbage disposal or leaking detergent dispenser.

Also, Samsung dishwashers that use the Waterwall technology might display the leakage error code when the water reflector gets blocked.

Now that we have a good idea of what triggers the leak sensor, let’s see how you can reset it.

Pro tip: For the most part, when the dishwasher leak sensor triggers, the unit will turn itself on (and not turn off). During this time, it will be attempting to drain the water. However, since the leak sensor does not always mean a water leakage problem, the unit will run consistently as it tries to drain.

Samsung dishwasher reset leak sensor – how to reset

A leak sensor reset is a good way to perform a quick troubleshoot (or fix the appliance if the troubleshooting process did not bear fruit).

That said, below are the different methods you can try when you want to reset your Samsung dishwasher leak sensor (without having to open the dishwasher or change the sensor):

Method 1: Power cycle (hard reset) the dishwasher

At times, the dishwasher leak sensor might be acting up due to flea charges sending the wrong signals to and from the control board.

To reset the dishwasher, unplug it from the power outlet (or trip the circuit breaker) and let it sit for at least five minutes.

Once done, reconnect the dishwasher and try to run it to see if this resets the leak sensor.

Method 2: Fix the garbage disposal cap

If you have recently connected a garbage disposal to your dishwasher, confirm that you have removed the garbage disposal cap.

This is because the cap might result in water leaking or splashing near the leak sensor thereby activating it.

So, to reset the leak sensor error, remove the garbage disposal cap and test your dishwasher to see if this fixes it.

Method 3: Confirm you are not overfilling the detergent dispenser

Here’s the thing: Detergents are moist enough to activate and trigger the leak sensor.

And, due to their viscosity, detergents do not evaporate as quickly as water.

With that in mind, it could be that you are overfilling your detergent dispenser hence some detergent might be leaking into the leak sensor compartment and triggering it.

To reset the leak sensor, wipe off any overflowing detergent (in the compartment) and follow the method below…

Method 4: Give the dishwasher time to dry

The leak sensor might also be triggering if you have recently moved your dishwasher.

You see, during the moving process, some water might have splashed near the leak sensor hence the sensor triggering.

The best way to reset the sensor after recently moving your dishwasher is to give it time to dry – unplug the dishwasher and let it sit for a couple of hours.

Pro tip: Unplugging the dishwasher also helps in reducing the noise made by the dishwasher when the leak sensor is triggered.

Samsung dishwasher leak sensor reset not working

Of course, a reset is not always a foolproof troubleshooting method. As such, even after trying the above four methods, the reset process might not always work.

Unfortunately, when this occurs, your best bet to fix the leak sensor will require you to disassemble the unit.

Start by wiping off any moisture/water that might be on the leak sensor (or in the leak sensor compartment) – use a soft dry towel.

And don’t forget to drain any water that might have leaked in there.

Of course, if a leakage is to blame, you will also need to locate the source of the leak and patch/replace it depending on the extent of the damage.

Something else: Confirm that the wire connector is not faulty or corroded – if it is, be sure to replace it.

Finally, if none of the above troubleshooting steps seem to work, high chances are that the leak sensor is faulty. And this will require you to replace it.

The good news is that a replacement leak sensor is pretty affordable (most range between 10 and 25 bucks) – see current prices on Amazon.

Samsung dishwasher leak sensor reset – recap

To reset the leak sensor, do one of the following:

  1. Disconnect the dishwasher from the power outlet for at least five minutes.
  2. Remove the garbage disposal cap.
  3. Wipe off any overflowing detergent.
  4. Let the dishwasher sit for a couple of hours to dry off.

Good luck!


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