LG washer LE code not spinning issue. Help!

LG washer LE code not spinning: Just like with other washers, your LG washer is programmed to display particular error codes when it runs into trouble.

Now, one of the most common LG washer error codes is LE..

In this article, we shall look at what LG washer error code LE means (and the washer tends to stop spinning besides making grinding noise occasionally)  and how you can fix your LG washing machine quickly.

LG washer LE code not spinning issue- what it means and how you can get rid of LG washer error code LE

For the most part, LG washing machine error codes LE communicates that there’s a problem with the motor (hence the odd grinding noise, if you have heard it).

In short, The LE code simply means the motor rotor is locked.

And usually the fault is either because there’s a foreign object lodged in the tub (causing the drum not to spin as it should) or you might have overloaded the washer(the noise starts when it’s sensing the load). 

So do this to be sure:

Try to rotate the drum by hand..

Does it turn freely?

Now, If it is not, check if there is something jamming it, thus triggering the LE code.

You want to get whatever is wedged in there (coins, bra wire strings, keys, safety pins, etc) then try washing once more.

Here’s how to do that..

LG washer LE code not spinning issue – how to remove stuck items (for example coins)

  1. Turn off power(to your washer)
  2. Unload everything 
  3. Check the tub- see if you’ll notice a coin or anything else foreign inside it
  4. Remove whatever you see- you can use tools like tweezers, pliers, and more here.

lg washer le code grinding noise

But it’s not always an issue of stuff getting caught there…

The thing is if the drum goes round manually smoothly both ways, then probably the actuator is free so there’s a different cause.

In fact, it may be worth trying to reset the washer before you even check the tub (you do a master reset) as follows:

LG washer LE error code reset steps

  • Unplug the washer for about 10 minutes then plug it back in.
  • Restart the cycle.

You might be surprised that your washer starts to work just fine after resetting the system- every so often error codes pop up as a result of the entire system getting mixed up somewhat..

Otherwise, we already saw that you might have loaded too many clothes in the drum…

Of course, you want to reduce the load if you think so- also choose bedding cycle if you’re washing large-sized blankets (It’s good to select bedding wash cycle every time you’re washing heavier loads) then retry washing.

Be sure to reset it first before restarting the cycle..

LG washer le code not spinning fault – More repairs you need to try

Could the motor be bad?

Though it’s a bit uncommon for the motor to fail, it is a possibility too so if nothing has worked, you may want to verify if the motor is functional.

Key pointer that the LG top load washer LE error code is triggered by a bad motor:

The grinding noise sounds quite loud – meanwhile, manually rotating your empty drum makes you sense that there could be a fault with the motor.

Question: What exactly can be the culprit?

Well, the potential parts that can be  specifically the root causes are:

  • A worn out/old bearing (especially if you’re hearing extremely high-pitched screeching grinding noises).
  • A bad drive pulley 
  • A malfunctioned Motor Stator Assembly- The Motor Stator works with the machine’s motor rotor to make the spin basket rotate. 
  • A defective motor coupling- it can just be the motor coupling itself
  • A failed Rotor Position Sensor- your Washer’s motor rotor position sensor assembly could be damaged if it pumps but won’t spin/agitate. Reminder: The LE code typically means the motor rotor is locked.


Suggested repairs:

Subsequently, your options are:

  1. Replace the bad tub ball bearing (order the bearing kit on Amazon and install new bearings)  
  2. Install a brand new drive pulley
  3. Get a new motor stator assembly (and exchange the old one)
  4. Change out the broken motor coupling (order it on Amazon)
  5. Swap out the Rotor Position Sensor- Order a replacement rotor position sensor on Amazon.

Pro Tip: If you’re trying out solution 3(replacing the sensor), I recommend you also buy a new wiring harness alongside the sensor. Sometimes it can be failing so the only way your washer will go back to working is by mounting a new sensor + the wiring harness.

Before ordering these parts:

There are a few quick fix troubleshooting tips worth giving a shot before you go ahead to order the above parts..

Double check that wire harness(in your washer’s rear going to its motor)

Verify that the wires are fully seated. 

That’s because they may have flexed over time so the 2 wires may have come apart. 

So fix them properly into place.


LG washer LE code grinding noise -Conclusion

Try the simplest repairs first but  don’t forget that the LE error in lg washing machine normally points to a locked rotor so you might need a new rotor (the rotor is the out-side half of the washer’s motor).

Also, you sometimes have to replace the motor stator too (the component with the windings).

Lastly, you may need a new motor (very rare)  to resolve the LE LG washer code.

PS: If your LG washing machine is under warranty and it has thrown the LE error code, it’s best to request service- you can do that at LG’s official ONLINE SERVICE REPAIR REQUESTING PAGE.


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