How do I fix LG washer error code OE?

In this article, we shall look at how to quickly fix the notorious LG washer error code OE


LG washer error code OE [How to fix OE error on LG washing machine]

First, it is important you understand that OE error code on LG washing machine typically points to a drainage issue.

In other words, the EO fault code means your washing machine is having problems when it comes to draining the water used during a cycle (water is not draining properly)

But, of course, the most critical question is: how exactly do you get rid of the LG washer error code OE 

Well, these are our suggestions here at

How to fix OE error on LG top load washing machine

Check the drain hose

One of the most common causes of drainage issues on LG washing machines is a blockage in the drain hose.

In fact, the culprit could be a kinked drain hose (or clogging inside the drain hose)

So your first step should be straightening any kinks on the drain hose, if you notice it’s kinked.

Next, try to unclog the drain pump because clogs tend to stop draining (blow out your LG washer’s drain hose to ensure there are no clogs)..  

Thirdly, check if something is blocking the drain pipe- remove any obstruction you might see.

In short, next check the pipe before drain pump and see if there is a blocked sock, a small towel, or even a coin.


Steps (may vary depending on your particular model)

Remove the washer’s back panel and then disconnect the pipe between the tub and drain pump.

Now see if there’s an errant item that hose (think of baby socks, a comforter stuffing, and the like).

Next, disconnect the other pipe for the drain pump and double-check that there’s nothing keeping the impeller from smoothly moving. 


Check the washer’s drain pump filter for clogs

lg washing machine error code oe drain pump cleanout video

As you might be aware, washer’s drain pump filter usually traps lint and other debris from the drain water (it’s also called  Filter & Trap Assembly).

The issue is it needs frequent cleaning otherwise it gets clogged with junk leading to drainage troubles.

So it could as well be to blame for the OE error code on your LG washer.

That being so, we recommend you clean it to remove any lint, hair, or any other tiny particles clogging it.

Watch the video below by LG for the correct cleaning procedure:


Replace the drain pump

lg washing machine oe error front load

If nothing works, you might be looking at a bad drain pump.

And here there’s no easy way out- your best bet is replacing the drain pump.

The good news is that replacing the pump is not the hardest task on the planet….

You can even search for a drain pump replacement video on YouTube (there are loads of good ones on YouTube) and  follow it along (step by step) when doing the replacement.

The part is not that pricey too – see current price.

So if the washer still throws the OE code even after flushing the drain hose (and making sure the discharge hose is not kinked) as well as cleaning the drain filter, then it is best to replace the entire pump assembly  with this unit.

That may be what it will take to get your washing machine back to running normally again. 


How to test LG washer drain pump

The easiest way to test if the drain pump is functional is by running a spin cycle only.

Follow these steps:

  • Turn on the washer- just press the POWER button to make it turn ON.
  • Now press SPIN SPEED key – continue pressing until the HIGH setting is selected.
  • Next press START/PAUSE button – that will start the needed SPIN ONLY cycle.
  • Now listen out – you’ll be listening out for a humming sound. That’s because it signals that your washer’s drain pump motor is working. You might also hear water draining (there’s that sound water makes when draining)

Now, if the part is working fine, you should hear the humming sound within the initial 15 seconds (for the most part).

So it is safe to conclude that your drain pump is bad if you do not hear it humming in about 15 seconds after the spin cycle starts.


LG washer error code OE – Conclusion

In summary, if you received the “OE” code on your LG  front loading or top loading washing machine, first check the drain hose for kinking- and straighten them out.

Next, blow out the drain line to clean any clogs that could be in there (your other option is flushing the drain hose).

Next, check and clean the drain filter thoroughly.

If the code persists, your next course of action is replacing the entire drain pump. 

The repair is neither very expensive nor very hard to do and there might be no OE error code if successful.

Of course, if you’re still seeing the same error code when you attempt to run a load of clothes, it might be worth calling a professional appliance repairman for further diagnosis.


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