Why is my Kenmore front load washer not draining?

There could be a couple of reasons behind your Kenmore front load washer not draining issue.

Below we look at the likely causes of your Kenmore front load washer not spinning clothes dry problem and how you can fix your washer.


Kenmore front load washer not draining – Probable causes of the fault and how to fix your washer

Check the drain hose- it might be plugged

Start by checking the drain hose- I’m speaking about the drain hose that usually connects the bottom/base of the washer drum to its drain filter/pump.

Check and see if it’s all plugged- the tube can do that over time (of course, it’s big enough for small things like socks to travel through not to forget normal debris from water).

In other words, the issue could be due to a restriction somewhere in the hose.

So check to see if you’ll find any blockages there and clear them.

In short, disconnect the drain hose then blow right into it…you want to blow out any blockages.

Finally, reassemble everything and test your washer to see if it will resume draining completely.

Pro Tip: I also suggest you check to see if there might be anything wedged in the tube between the drain pump and the tub – things like a baby sock can get stuck there, and it could end up creating  a restriction.


The drain filter might be clogged – unblock it

Next, try to check your washer’s drain pump filter….there’s a chance some foreign objects (keys, coins, safety pins, etc) are lodged in there, leading to your Kenmore front load washer not totally draining error.

To be clear, access the filter (see your washer’s manual for disassembly instructions)- the idea is to get it out and wash it thoroughly.

Note that it might be necessary to replace the filter if it appears too messy because of errant items staying there for too long.

Please read our previous article: Washing machine blocked filter symptoms – I have talked about the telltale signs that the filter is blocked and how to clean the part.

Kenmore front load washer not draining – more repairs you might have to try

Check the drain pump itself- replace if bad

When it comes to the problem of Kenmore elite front load washer not draining (and indeed for many other Kenmore front loading washer models), the culprit is quite often the drain pump.

The good news is that installation is really easy in these washers (you can find and watch some YouTube tutorials showing how to do that step-by-step- watch multiple videos, if necessary). 

Once you do that, the washer is likely to start pumping out all water without any problem. 

In short, I recommend you try out this fix before calling in your favorite repair person. 

So if you’re seeing the notorious 0E error on your Kenmore Front Loader Washer, your best bet is swapping the drain pump (Check Kenmore front load washer drain pump prices on Amazon)

Don’t forget that you will probably need the following: a small flat blade screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a pair of needle-nose pliers, as well as slip-joint pliers

Pro-Tip 1: Keep in mind that some Kenmore front load models allow you to easily tip the washer back and access the drain pump through its bottom. This is obviously much easier than completely taking the washer front apart. 

Pro-Tip 2: Also consider unclogging the drain tube as you change out the pump, especially if you use extremely hard water(without a softener)…This is important since the drain hose is probably partially clogged, meaning the new pump will have to work much harder after installation, which risks damaging it prematurely.


How to test the pump

The easiest way to test if the pump is fine is by listening out if the pump is running…

Now, if you can hear it running and you’re seeing water coming out(of the drain) but your washing machine still fails to drain all water, then probably it is not a Kenmore front load washer drain pump problem – instead, first check the filter and the hose.

Next, remove your washer’s top cover and locate the pressure switch….the drainage can be because there’s low water pressure due to a blockage in there.

Kenmore front load washer reset 

Now, there’s another quick solution you can try if your washer is giving you the OE (not draining) error code: A quick reset

You see, like with a lot of other washer issues, sometimes your Kenmore washing machine will stop acting up when you ‘reset’ it (reset clears random system faults).

Here is how you can do that:

Turn your washing machine off then quickly turn it right back on (after about 5 seconds).

Next, select the cycle “rinse and spin”.

Allow it to run uninterrupted and see if it will complete spinning and draining successfully…

It often does unless where there’s a big issue behind your Kenmore front load washer not spinning or draining fault…..For example, it may not work if the pump is bad


Kenmore front load washer not draining – Summary of what to check

Here is a recap of what to try when it comes to the Kenmore elite front load washer not draining water fault:

  • Check the drain tube-items like a wayward baby sock could be caught in there. Unblock it
  • Wash the drain filter– Many of these front loaders tend to come with a drain filter that ultimately gets clogged if you forget to clean it as recommended. So access and wash the part.
  • Switch the drain pump– There’s also a chance the pump is broken. The best remedy here is installing a new pump.



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