How can I fix F 02 code on Kenmore washer?

Learn how to fix the error F 02 code on Kenmore washer here

Just like other washer brands, Kenmore washers tend to display an error code when it runs into trouble (as a way of communicating to you that you need to check it).

Now, one of the error codes we often get asked about is the F 02 code on Kenmore washer (it appears quite common out there, going by the number of questions we are getting about it).

So we thought we should write about how to permanently fix the F 02 code on Kenmore washer…

Read on if you have tried to troubleshoot the F2 washer code on your machine but it won’t go…


F 02 code on Kenmore washer  – What it means and how to fix Kenmore washing machine F2 error code permanently

If you’re getting F02 error on Kenmore washer, it simply means that there are drain issues with your washer.

In other words, if your Kenmore elite washer is flashing F 02, it means there’s failure to drain

So the best way to fix it is to try and narrow down on what is causing the drainage problem.

Here are the likely culprits and what you can try to fix F2 code on Kenmore washing machine:


The drain pump filter – it could be blocked

This is probably what is causing the fault- for the most part, drainage problems occur when the drain pump filter become blocked with lint/debris or errant items like coins,  pencils, and bobby pins (Read: Washing machine blocked filter symptoms for pointers)

And when it is blocked, the cycle is likely to start running extra long (because the system cannot drain enough out during rinse/spin cycles).

It also means that your clothes may begin coming out  still significantly damp (at the end).

Subsequently, your dryer will need to work harder to get them dry as well. 

The good thing is that it is a relatively easy fix…all you have to do is clean the filter.

So if you’re seeing F 02 error code on your washing machine even intermittently, I recommend that you first try to deep clean the drain pump filter.


How to clean the filter


Unplug your Kenmore washer 

Turn off water supply.

Make sure to have three or four old bath towels on hand to soak up water. 

Locate the filter and pull it out

To do that, look for the tiny trap/access door right next to your washer’s drain tube (where it connects to the washer) at the rear of the machine and remove the trap door.

Detach the filter.

Clean the filter

Grab all that debris and toss it away.

Next, wipe off the filter  with some mild detergent- you can alternatively use bleach or vinegar- and rinse thoroughly.

Do not forget to wipe mold and mildew off the surrounding areas as well.


Return everything in place in reverse.

Put everything back into place and close the access panel….do that only when you are satisfied (you are not seeing any clogs once you examine the filter).

The drain hose- it may be clogged too

You might also want to clean the drain hose (clogs settle there too over time).

I should add that you need to also ensure the hose drain line is not kinked (straighten it out because the drainage blockage and hence the error may be resulting from the kinks) 


Pro-Tip: Keep in mind that it is important to frequently clean the filter (and drain pipe) to prevent future blockages in there and even bad odors on your clothes.


The drain pump – is might be broken

If the filter looks horrible (it’s extremely clogged), there is a chance that the drain pump is bad.

The best remedy here is to get a replacement drain pump – there’s no easier/cheaper way out if the pump is damaged (The washer will show F02 errors too if the pump is dead-a multimeter can help you properly diagnose the pump).

And again swapping the part is typically pretty straight forward…

You need angled pliers – they certainly help. 

Also, when cleaning the filter, be sure to have 3(three) or 4(four) old bath towels with you to help mop up water. 

Besides, wearing a pair of mechanic’s gloves helps reduce the risk of cutting/scraping yourself – there might be sharp metal (inside the undercarriage) of your washing machine.

Remember the above replacement pump is designed for numerous washing machines models including countless Kenmore washers.

It also comes with a couple of different feet/isolators to help anchor it down to your washing machine undercarriage. 

Watch the YouTube tutorial below to get an idea of how to perform Kenmore washing machine pump replacement properly:

How to replace a drain pump in a Kenmore Elite front load washer

F 02 code on Kenmore washer – wrapping it up

If your Kenmore washer is throwing F 02 code, clean out the filter first (it might be jam-packed with hair or other errant items).

Unclog the hose too (there could be broken pencils, crayons, or a small sock inside the tube)  -and straighten out any kinks…

Finally, consider swapping out the drain pump because your Kenmore washer drain pump problem could be causing F 02 error code…

Be sure to keep an eye on your filter from now on…you don’t want the code to come back.


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