How do I fix different Kenmore elite washer error codes?

Below is an explanation of the meaning of a variety of Kenmore elite washer error codes plus their known fixes.

The idea is to help you troubleshoot your washer so I will also share how to fix every common Kenmore elite front load error codes

Let’s get started.


Kenmore elite washer error codes – meaning and how to fix most Kenmore elite front loader washer error codes

Kenmore elite washer error codes FE

The Kenmore elite front load washer code FE says your washer is overflowing

The good thing is that when the FE shows up, the drain pump normally engages automatically to try and drain the overflowing water automatically.


Kenmore elite washer error codes OE

The Kenmore elite front load washer code OE says there’s a drainage fault (washer is not draining completely within the preset 10 minutes) and it could be caused by the following:

  • The drain hose is either kinked or pinched or clogged.
  • The washer’s drain pump filter might be plugged.
  • There’s a drain discharge problem- specifically, the fault displays if drain discharge was installed over 96-inches(244cm)above bottom of washer.


Recommended fixes

Check drain hose

Blow into it to get rid of any clogs. Also, remove any kinks you see. And, of course, you want to make sure it’s not pinched either behind/under the washer.

Clean drain pump filter

The washer comes with a drain pump filter to help prevent errant objects (buttons, keys, pins, and coins) and excess lint from causing potential damage to the drain pump.

Now, if the washer won’t drain properly, it is likely there are blockages in the filter so you need to clean it(see your Kenmore elite front load washer manual for cleaning instructions)

Adjust or repair the drain.

Keep in mind that the maximum drain height (Kenmore recommended)is 96-inches(244cm)


Kenmore elite washer error codes IE

Your washer throws this error because of water inlet filter issues- it may be clogged (hence the washer may not be filling with water within the preset 25 minutes limit.)

The error may also be due to:

  • Water supply faucets not being opened fully.
  • The water supply line hoses might be pinched/ kinked/ crushed
  • Water pressure fault- there’s insufficient water supply pressure in your house/to the faucet (it could be too low).
  • Use of improper hoses- You have connected water supply using leak-limiting hoses (this is not recommended).

 Recommended fixes

  1. Clean your washer’s water inlet filters thoroughly (see the maintenance and care section in your owners manual for instructions)
  2. Make sure you have opened the water faucets fully.
  3. Ensure no hose is kinked/pinched (check all the hoses).
  4. Measure water pressure from another faucet – you want to be sure that your household water pressure is high enough and that water flow isn’t restricted.
  5. Change water supply hoses- replace the leak-limiting hoses with the recommended hoses. That’s because these types of hoses tend to trip falsely, preventing your washer from filling.


Kenmore elite front load washer error dE

This Kenmore elite front load washer fault code signals that the washer lid is not properly closed (so cycle won’t start)

Suggested repair

Try to close the door properly and then press the washer’ START/PAUSE button.

Otherwise, you may need to troubleshoot the lid further (perhaps the lid switch is broken- you have to replace it if it is defective)


Kenmore elite washer error code UE

This is one of the easiest to resolve Kenmore elite washer error codes…it simply means that your washing machine is not balanced.

The solution is super easy- just add an extra item (1 or 2) to your load to try and balance it then try running the cycle again.


Kenmore elite washer error code TE

The tE error code on Kenmore elite front load washer usually points to a “thermistor” problem.

That being so, I would suggest you pull the front part off (see your owner’s manual for exact location) and proceed to check your thermistor.

Now, double-check that the plug that normally connects to it is having both wires connected…

In fact, these wires or their connectors are the culprits many times – If one or both have broken off, try to reattach them to the plug.

That said, the thermistor can also be bad so consider replacing the whole thermistor assembly if fixing cables does not help(try removing any corrosion you see on the thermistor terminals before you do that)


Kenmore elite washer error code PE

This fault code is likely indicating that the washer’s water level sensor has broken down and it’s not working correctly(causing your washer to overfill or not fill completely- remember the part detects the water level)

Suggested repair

Your best bet is swapping out the defective SENSOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY (order it from Amazon).


Kenmore elite washer error codes LE

For the most part, the dreaded error code LE points to a possible motor error.

What to try

Solution 1

Allow your washing machine to stand for about 30 minutes then restart the cycle.

Solution 2

If the error still comes up on restarting, consider replacing the motor rotor position sensor(more so if your washing machine pumps but won’t spin or agitate).

Here is the motor rotor position sensor assembly we recommend…

And I should say that only on very few occasions is the whole motor assembly bad(always give a shot at replacing the sensor first)

Solution 3

If solutions 1 and 2 do not work, then the motor might be damaged so I recommend you inspect it next.

Just know that one of the clearest hints that you’re looking at a failed motor is that the tub won’t spin properly(or it’s making some spluttering noise).


Kenmore elite washer error code PF

The PF error code pops up due to a power failure during a cycle – PF literary means Power Failure happened during the most recent cycle, meaning that washing may not have completed successfully.

What to do

Fortunately, this is not a major concern- simply clear that error code and proceed to run a new cycle as you always do.

To clear the code, simply reset your unit by power cycling it for around 30 seconds.


Kenmore elite washer error code S ud

This error will appear when your washer is oversudsing …

Meanwhile, your washer will also add an automatic Suds Reducing cycle when the problem occurs- that lengthens the cycle time by about 2 hours

Bear in mind that your washer could stop if it oversuds when spinning to prevent leaking.

What you should do

You want to clear the suds so simply turn the washing machine off and then on then try to run a “Rinse & Spin” cycle.

That, in general, clears the S ud fault code.

Pro-Tip: Stop adding too much detergent when washing- you want to keep to the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to measuring the amount of washing detergent to add to avoid the S ud fault code.


Kenmore elite washer error code D he

The fault code D he literary means there’s a “Dry Heating Error” during a dry cycle on your Kenmore elite front load washer dryer combo

What to try

Unplug your machine and then wait about 60 seconds before reconnecting power and trying again.

Now, if the error still re-appears, try to clean the unit’s fan motor mechanism…It is oftentimes the primary culprit.

Also, the code can appear when the fan cable/fan heating element wire comes loose so check these too.


Kenmore elite washer error codes CL (Kenmore elite washer error codes LOC)

For the most part, code CL says the CONTROL LOCK is activated

Suggested remedy

Press then hold on the washer’s “drain and spin” button/tab for approx 5 seconds.

You can also power cycle the washer to reset it – that can also deactivate CL


Kenmore elite washer error codes F21

The F21 fault code is another error code associated with drain issue- it says drain too longer than usual.

Read our previous article: Kenmore elite front load washer not draining [Fixed] for drain problem troubleshooting tips.


Kenmore elite washer error codes UE

Please balance the load (redistribute the load) if you’re seeing the UE code- it is one way the washer tells you that the load is not balanced.


Kenmore elite washer error codes F 02

F 02 displays when the drain filter or the pump assembly has soap scum mixed with lint.

In a nutshell, you’re looking at a bad pump though there’s a bigger chance that it’s a plugged filter(foreign objects are lodged there)

Remember how to clean the filter?

If yes, follow those steps.

Otherwise, replace the pump.

Kenmore elite washer error codes EE

The EEPROM could be out of order..

And the best fix here is replacing the entire board


Kenmore elite washer error codes HF

This error could mean there’s a water supply fault- check if both cold and hot water supply is connected properly and fully turned on.


Kenmore elite front loader washer error codes –Final words

For further troubleshooting of these Kenmore elite front loader washer error codes, download the washers service manual



Kenmore front load washer error codes and solutions

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    • Replace the analog pressure switch….The F35 fault code typically points to an issue with analog pressure sensor and your best bet is changing it out. Be sure to check if pressure switch tube is pinched/damaged or even plugged as that can make the error occur.
      Disassembling the control panel will allow you to access pressure switch tubing..


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