Samsung washer will turn on but not start. Help!

Your Samsung washer will turn on but not start? Read this!

If your Samsung washer is turning on but won’t start washing, there are a couple of things you need to check.

Here they are:

Your Samsung washer will turn on but not start? Try to reset it first

Some Samsung washing machines require that you hold in the start button for a couple of seconds before the cycle starts. Try that


Besides, some washers won’t start if you have overloaded it (sensors in the washer prevent the start of the operation if you have exceeded the load capacity) so try to reduce your laundry load size too.

The easiest fix worth a shot if your Samsung front load washer won’t start cycle is resetting your washing machine (because the fault might be caused by a programming bug/error).

And that means resetting it could help clear the electronics/programming glitch making it behave the way it is.

So, how do your reset Samsung washer?

Well, simply power cycle it…

Of course you want to either unplug it, wait a couple of minutes (1-5) then plug it back in.

You can also shut power via the circuit breaker.

To be clear, that reboots your washer and can, in the process, help solve the programming or other system issue.

Did it work?

If not, proceed with the following checks (and fixes)

Samsung washer will turn on but not start – What to check

So check the following if your samsung top load washer turns on but wont start cycle …

Are the settings Okay?

It may sound crazy but you can never rule it out – yeah, if you have selected incorrect washing settings, it could prevent it from starting though it turns on.

In other words, certain temperatures, soil levels, spin speeds, or other features on your machine may be disabled depending on the cycle you have chosen.

Put simply, each washing cycle works with a pre-determined list of defaults and options so it will ‘refuse’ to start if your selected settings do not match.

So, even before you do other things, can you double check that you’re using the correct cycle settings?

Please check your user manual– there’s a chart showing the options available for each washing cycle.

By the way try to run a wool wash cycle (it occasionally corrects the problem, it’s rather stranger I must say)- simply choose Wool cycle then press start.

Keep in mind that if any fault code comes out afterward, just turn it off then restart the same wool cycle.


Check the Child lock

The next thing I want you to check is the child lock.

You want to be sure that it is engaged because washers are designed to only start a cycle when the child lock has engaged (Your Samsung washer could be failing to begin a cycle because the lid is not locked.

So check if child Lock is engaged- and if not,open the lid and shut it again tightly.


Check water inlet valve 

samsung washing machine start button not working

The next troubleshooting step I recommend if your samsung washer will turn on but not start cycle is checking the water inlet valve.

Here’s the thing: If your Samsung washer wont start and door is locked, there is a chance it could be due to the washer not detecting water (water is not flowing into the washer).

How to check

Check  if water is flowing to the drum via the soap dispenser (pull the soap dispenser out) once you press start button to see if water is actually coming through into the drum.

Now, if it is, then the inlet valve is probably ok so you want to check the water connection itself (the pipes).

You see, I have seen folks get the whole connection wrong during installation (swapping hot water and cold water hoses) so be sure to verify that you have  done the right connection- interchange the hot water and cold water pipes, if necessary.

Remember the best repair if the valve is not functioning is replacing it (Check the current price of replacement Samsung washer inlet valve on Amazon

Speaking of replacing the part, you can look for a good YouTube video (with step-by-step instructions) to help you change out the inlet valve smoothly (if you have never done this again).


Check the carbon brush

The carbon brushes- you’ll find them on the motor inside your Samsung washing machine- are designed to conduct electricity from fixed parts(of the motor) through the motor’s moving parts. 

More importantly, if defective, the carbon brush could make the washer not start to wash (it’s just one of the problems likely to occur).

So replace the carbon brushes(best to change both and they’re in fact sold in 2s) and see if your washer will resume functioning correctly again.

As regards the steps, there are some nice instructional videos to help you do the job successfully. 

And yes, you may find that a new motor (itself) is needed so bear that in mind (it’s quite rare anyway).


Are you seeing any error code?

Is there any fault code on your washer display?

I’m asking because the error code could help you narrow down on what is exactly making your washer not to start.

Do not forget that your manual could have a list of Samsung washer error codes and their meaning so look up the error code you’re seeing in the manual.


Check the PCB

The computer (PCB) may also be defective and you might have to replace it if the problem persists.

Needless to say, the PCB does not come that cheap so do your math to be sure it makes economic sense to go ahead with this solution.


Samsung washer will turn on but not start – recap

The easiest fixes are:

  • Checking settings
  • Running a wool cycle
  • Resetting the washer
  • Replacing carbon brushes

Be sure to try the others if these do not work.

Till next time!



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