How do I perform Samsung washer drain pump test?

A faulty drain pump might result in your Samsung washer acting up. And, the best solution is usually to replace it.

But, before that, you will want to be sure that the drain pump is actually to blame.

That is why, it is crucial to perform a Samsung washer drain pump test as it will help you know if the pump is acting up and what might be causing it.

Samsung washer drain pump test (Samsung washer quick test mode drain pump test) – how to tell if the drain pump is bad

For best results, it’s good to perform several tests to better figure out where the problem might be coming from.

But before performing these tests, start by removing the drain pump from the washer.

Check if there is anything trapped inside the drain pump

Here’s the thing, if something is stuck in there, your drain pump might work poorly or not work at all.

So, be sure to check the pump for debris such as lint, coins, or small clothing such as socks.

And of course, if you find something in there, be sure to remove it.

Try to manually spin the pump’s impeller

If the impeller spins easily (appears a bit flexible), it means that it has come free from the body. In other words, the pump is bad.

You see, if the pump is healthy, the impeller should not be easy to turn in any direction. Instead, it will feel a bit rigid if you try to manually spin it.

So, if the impeller, is loose and turns freely, it means that your drain pump motor is bad.

To fix this, you should consider getting a good replacement drain pump.

Test for continuity using a multimeter

Here, you will need to first access the terminals of the pump’s motor.

To do so, remove the screws holding the drain pump and proceed to separate the pump motor from the hose connection.

You should now have the terminals in sight.

Now, using a multimeter, test for continuity between the two terminals.

If the drain pump motor is healthy, it should have continuity.

Now, if your drain pump passes the above tests, chances are that it is not getting enough power.

And so, let us see how to test if it is getting enough power…

Final test – check if there is enough power flowing to the drain pump

For this test, start by setting your multimeter to read volts (AC).

Next, plug the multimeter probes into the wire harness connector that connects to the drain pump.

Now, proceed to connect your washing machine to the power outlet and select the Drain/Spin cycle.

This way, when the washer starts, it will try to first run a drain cycle.

You can now press the start button to start the cycle.

Now, if all is good, you should get a reading of around 110 to 120v AC.

But, if the reading that you are getting is not within this range, there is a high chance that the wires might be worn, cut, or loose.

As such, check and confirm that the wire connection is properly inserted into the control board.

Other than that, also confirm that the wires are not broken. If they are broken, reconnect them using an electric tape.

Something else: Confirm that the wire harness connector is not burnt. If it is, you ought to replace it.

Samsung washer drain pump test – some symptoms to be on the lookout for

Below are some of the symptoms that you might encounter if the drain pump is faulty:

Water is leaking from the washer

This is usually the case if the washer is either leaking from the front or from the bottom.

For the most part, this points to a clog in the drain pump.

The washer is having drainage problems

Other times, you might note that your washer is not draining.

It could also be draining but at a slower rate than it should.

Typically, this could be pointing to a clog in the pump or the impeller could be loose.

The washer is noisy during a drain cycle

Usually, this means that the drain pump motor is overworking to drain the washer.

From what I have seen in most of my client’s washers, this is usually due to a clog in the pump.

And, one such noise that you might hear is a grinding noise during draining.

The washer displays an error code

If your washer is displaying a drainage error code, there is a high possibility that the drain pump could be at the heart of it.

In Samsung washers, a drainage error code can be any of the following: nd, 5E, SE, 1 5C, SC, 5C.

Pro tip: Some of these symptoms do not always mean that the drain pump is bad. They could also be an indication that the drain hose or the drain filter is to blame. So, if your washer is showing any one of these symptoms, be sure to first test the drain pump before crucifying it – the steps above will guide you on how to test the pump.

A word on replacing a faulty drain pump motor in a Samsung washer

After testing the drain pump and confirming that it is bad, you are probably considering getting a replacement pump.

Now, from my experience as a repairman, I can assure you that replacing the drain pump yourself is much cheaper than paying a technician to do it.

You see, a Samsung washer drain pump is quite inexpensive with prices often starting at around $25 and rarely going beyond $50.

See current Samsung washer drain pump prices on Amazon

Now, once your replacement pump arrives, you can easily proceed to swap it out by just disconnecting the old pump from the wire harness connector and connecting the new pump.

Pro tip: To make the process quicker, you will want to lay the washer on its back. This way, you can quickly access the pump without having to remove any other part other than the bottom panel of the washer.

Samsung washer drain pump test (Samsung washer quick test mode drain pump test) – parting words

If you are testing (or replacing) the drain pump for the first time, you might find yourself having trouble accessing or removing it.

However, do not let this discourage you.

Instead, you can find a good instructional video to guide you along.


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