What is the correct Samsung fridge not cooling reset procedure?

Samsung fridge not cooling reset steps: In this Samsung fridge troubleshooting article, we shall be looking at how to reset a Samsung fridge that has stopped cooling.


Because performing a simple reset can, on occasion, get rid of the error/fault that might be making your fridge not cool.

Of course, there are other repairs that you may want to try if when it comes to Troubleshooting the issue of your Samsung fridge not cooling so we will as well tell you about them, just in case resetting your Samsung refrigerator doesn’t help.

But first, below is how to reset a Samsung fridge that is not cooling the temperature.

Samsung fridge not cooling reset (How to reset your Samsung fridge)

If your Samsung fridge is not getting cold (or is not cooling enough), all it takes to reset its system is power cycling it.

Yeah…you have heard me right- many of the modern-day Samsung refrigerators do not come with a reset button and the simplest way to reset them is by power cycling it.

So try to power cycle it (unplug it from power for about 15 minutes then plug it back in) and see if the problem will go away.

Needless to say, you have to allow it to run for a couple of hours (up to 24 hours) before you can be sure that it’s now getting cold.

So if your Samsung fridge freezer does not cool down anymore, your first troubleshooting step should be powering it off and then powering it back on after a few minutes.

It might resume running normally after a few hours (it could start cooling down both the fridge and freezer again) if you’re lucky.

Pro Tip: Samsung recommends that you unplug your fridge for longer if keeping it unplugged for a couple of minutes fails to reset it. In fact, sometimes you may have to unplug it for a whole hour instead.

Samsung fridge not cooling reset (what else to try when it comes to troubleshooting Samsung refrigerator not cooling problem)

You now know how to reset Samsung refrigerator when trying to resolve cooling issues but the truth is resetting it does not always work.

That’s because the reason why your fridge is not getting cold might be a bad part,  an important maintenance procedure you skipped, improper temp setting, and more.

With that in mind, below I will share with you further troubleshooting steps that are worth trying if resetting did not change a thing.

Let us dive in….


What is exactly not cooling:  the fridge or freezer portion? 

That is an important question and it may change the direction you take when diagnosing the appliance.

But here are the general suggestions that you can start with:

Are the condenser coils clean? 

If your refrigerator condenser coils behind your refrigerator have not been cleaned lately, they could be too dirty- and that usually leads to the fridge failing to cool properly – it is also one of the reasons why your ice maker is not automatically operating.

So you need to check and of course, make sure your unit’s condenser coils are thoroughly cleaned- you may consider getting a cleaning brush (see price) to prevent your refrigerator from future failure. 

Check the temp setting

What does the temp output think your refrigerator is at? 

Well, we recommend that you bring down the temp settings on your fridge. 

Remember the ideal temperature for many Samsung refrigerators is typically 37°F(3°C)  and 0°F (-18°C) for the Freezer.

Check the evaporator

Check if there is a large ice ball behind the evaporator panel when you take it off of the refrigerator portion?

What you need to do here is remove any frost/ice buildup – you can do that by running a hairdryer there on high heat.

Cancel “Demo” mode

You might as well have accidentally put your fridge into “Demo” mode – you will see 0F in the display.

To disable Demo mode, and return it to normal working order, press these two buttons at the same time for 3 seconds: ENERGY SAVER + POWER FREEZE/FREEZER. 

That usually disables demo mode-once you hear a chime, it means demo mode has been turned off.

Bear in mind that there are different button combinations to press to turn off demo mode- it depends on your particular model.

So if the above button pair does not work, pull out your manual and go through the section on “Demo” Mode to confirm what is the correct buttons to long press your specific Samsung Refrigerator type.

Could it be an issue with Freon level?

There are instances where the problem is due to the Freon level being insufficient (it might not be high enough to successfully push and circulate cold air from one compartment to the next).  

Unfortunately, this is a super expensive repair because you need a professional tech to refill the refrigerant.

Other possible causes and suggested solutions

Replace the compressor

It could be the compressor too- if it has become inefficient, it is likely to be not working right and you need to replace it, for the most part,for the fridge to start cooling efficiently again.

There are tests you may want to run with a multimeter before you do that to be sure it’s the culprit (Here’s a video showing how to test the compressor)

Get a new inverter board

It might also be the unit’s inverter board- there are occasions where it is to blame.

Again you do not want to blindly buy an inverter power board (and hope it will fix it) so be sure to test the part before buying a replacement board (watch this video for the right testing steps).

What about when the refrigerator is cold but the freezer is warm and neither the bottom nor top ice maker work? 

Well, it may be dust in the vents that is blocking air coming into the freezer

In other words, dust has potentially accumulated in the vents, blocking air!

Check and clean the vents.

Otherwise, you may want to check the Freezer rollover light switch on the side near front – it might not be activated.  

Simply push and hold it in – your freezer is likely to start to work in about ten seconds

Quick Tips

Since warm air is getting removed during refrigeration, then logically that air needs somewhere to go.

So make sure you leave 2 (or more inches) of clearance space to avoid cooling Issues

Also make sure to allow some space for vents internally (or inside the compartment) to avoid potential circulation problems due to blocked airflow- you do that by not packing foodstuffs too tight that they obstruct the vents.

Oh, and double-check that the fridge door is closed tightly- you do not want the cold air to end up leaking out.

On the same token, make sure the unit’s door seals are in perfect condition- clean if dirty or if you see frost build up in the gaskets  and replace if torn as they could be letting in warm air)

Finally, relocate your fridge if it is facing direct sunlight (or it is near a heat source)- the extra warmth makes it harder for it to cool down.

Samsung fridge not cooling reset – Final words

If nothing works, you can try to cycle through your fridge fans and the other various elements – just put the fridge into test mode (pull out your Samsung fridge owner’s manual and confirm how).

You see, you might find that the problem is caused by a defective condenser which might mean you could need a replacement condenser.


How to reset a Samsung refrigerator after a power outage

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