My Samsung dishwasher stops after 1 minute. Help!

When your Samsung dishwasher stops after 1 minute, it can create quite some inconveniences – more so if you are a busy person (or you have guests coming over).

And, this might leave you in need of some quick fixes that you can try.

So, read on to know how you can quickly troubleshoot and fix Samsung dishwasher stops midcycle problems.

Samsung dishwasher stops after 1 minute (Samsung dishwasher stops midcycle) – troubleshooting steps to try

Start by…

Confirming that water is flowing into the dishwasher

This is because if no water is flowing into the dishwasher, it will start, run the pump assembly and then try to fill with water only for it to stop if no water flows in.

How you can troubleshoot the problem

Start by confirming that the water faucet is fully open.

Next, check the water inlet hose… If it has kinks, be sure to straighten them out.

On the other hand, if it is leaking, you can try patching up the leaking points.

But, if the point appears to be beyond repair, you can order a replacement water inlet hose.

Test the water inlet valve

Still on the issue of water, there is also a possibility that the inlet valve is bad.

And as a result, the solenoid is not opening to let water in.

To be sure if the valve is to blame, test it for continuity between its terminals.

Alternatively, test for resistance – a good valve should have a resistance of 500 to 1,500 ohms.

If your dishwasher’s water inlet valve is bad, replacing it is your best bet – see current prices of a replacement water inlet valve.

Pro tip: For the most part, if your Samsung dishwasher is not getting water, it might display the error codes 4C or 4E.

Confirm that the WaterWall can move freely (for models that use the waterfall technology)

If the dishwasher is new, confirm that you have removed the packing tape from the waterwall reflector.

Next, confirm that no utensil (such as a knife or serving spoon) is blocking the reflector from moving freely.

Also, confirm that the waterwall reflector is in the right position – the waterwall logo should face forward and upwards.

Finally, check if the jet holes in the waterwall reflector are blocked… If they are, you can quickly unblock them using a toothpick.

Pro tip: A Samsung dishwasher will display the code 7E (or E7) to indicate a problem with the waterwall reflector.

Confirm that the door is latching fully

Once the dishwasher stops, does the door appear slightly ajar?

If yes, it could be that it is not latching fully and as a result, the water from the spray arms knocks it open midcycle.

In such a scenario, start by cleaning the latch assembly as there could be some gunk that is preventing the door from opening fully.

Other than that, you could also try closing the door a bit harder.

Confirm that there are no clogs in the sump assembly

Once you start a dishwasher cycle, it will first run a drain cycle (to get rid of the water that sits in the tub) before it starts filling with water.

Pro tip: This water protects the seals from cracking due to dryness.

Now, if there are clogs in the sump assembly, they could be preventing the dishwasher from draining. And as such, your Samsung dishwasher will stop after 1 minute (to protect itself from damage).

Pro tip: Samsung dishwashers display the error code 5C (or 5E) when they are experiencing drainage problems.

How you can troubleshoot and fix the problem

Remove the drain pump and get rid of any foreign objects that might be clogging it.

Also, remove any clogs that might be in the drain hose (and straighten the hose if it has kinks).

Other than that, be sure to discard any objects that might be trapped in the filter.

Finally, you might also want to check (and remove) any clogs that might be in the circulation pump.

Pro tip: To check if the pump is to blame without having to remove it, pour three (or more) liters of water at the bottom of the dishwasher and then start it. If the dishwasher pumps out the water, it means that there are no clogs inside the sump assembly.

Samsung dishwasher stops after a few minutes – more things to check

Confirm that the wire connections are good

Here, you will be checking for loose or broken wire connections.

So, start by making sure that there are no loose wire connections – remove and reconnect any connections that might be loose.

And, if you come across broken wires, be sure to patch them up – electrical tape will come in handy here.

One of the motors might be bad

For the most part, this will be the spray arm or circulation motor.

Chances are that the motor is overheating hence shutting off after a few minutes and this might be what is making your dishwasher to act up.

To confirm if the motor is good, start a wash cycle and measure the voltage at the motor – a healthy motor should have a reading of around 120v AC.

Now, if the voltage significantly reduces below this when the dishwasher stops, chances are that it is bad.

To replace it, you may order a replacement motor for your exact model.

Pro tip: Before replacing the motor, be sure to confirm that its wire harness connector is good.

The control board could be acting up

And as a result, it is not correctly interpreting the signals from the other dishwasher components.

Pro tip: In some cases, an acting-up control board might result in your Samsung dishwasher displaying the CE (communication error) error code.

To fix this, start by resetting your dishwasher – unplug it from the power outlet and let it sit for at least five minutes.

If you do not have access to the power outlet, trip the circuit breaker and let it sit for five minutes.

Now run a test cycle and see if this fixes your appliance.

If the dishwasher continues to stop midcycle, chances are that the control board is bad… And in this case, your best bet is getting a replacement control board.

Samsung dishwasher stops after 1 minute – parting words

To make troubleshooting much easier, you can run a diagnostic mode to test the various components of your dishwasher.

Also see the Samsung fault code (or flashing lights) troubleshooting guide.


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