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Kenmore dishwasher model 665 repair manual (Kenmore dishwasher model 665 troubleshooting)

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 won’t run

Is the light flashing?

If the light is blinking, just push START/RESUME then close the door – do it within 3 seconds.

Is upper rack even?

Besides check the upper rack – if it is uneven, go ahead and lift the rack tilted down(on the side). That’s because uneven rack may be keeping the door from properly closing.

Is door closed properly?

Also be sure the dishwasher door is properly closed and latched.

Is there interference by dishes?.

In addition, check for interference – large casserole dishes could be interfering too… In fact, adjust loading until the door closes and latches tightly.

Have you chosen the right cycle?

Selecting the wrong cycle, depending on type of dishes and soil amount could make it not start….check and change.

Is there power coming to the dishwasher?

Your first step is verifying that power is actually coming to your Kenmore 665 dishwasher. Needless to say, there’s a chance a fuse or circuit breaker has tripped.

Detergent is remaining in detergent dispenser (or tablet is at bottom of tub)

Are some dishware blocking the detergent dispenser?

Large dishware (Think cutting boards, cookie sheets, large containers, and the like) tends to block the dispenser from properly opening, causing the problem.

Is your detergent old or lumped up?

Change and add fresh, lump-free detergent.

Has the cycle completed really?

Soap will be remaining if you do not allow the cycle to run its full course….so ensure the blue light has come on (it indicates the cycle has finished properly) otherwise resume cycle by simply pressing START/RESUME button (remember to close the door within not more than 3 seconds)

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 cycle runs for too long

Check cycle settings (and whether you have selected extra options as these lengthen time)- but also note that some cycles can run for even 3 hours (to save water and energy)

Also try to check the water heater setting- the recommended is 120°F(49°C) to ensure the appliance does not unusually longer whilst it heats the cooler water.

Overall, you can try to run the 1-Hour Wash cycle and see if it will complete washing – be sure to run hot water(at a faucet that is close to your dishwasher) before you select and start the 1 hour cycle

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 not drying

First thing to check is loading….you need to make sure that you’ve arranged your dishes properly before you start cycle.

Then, when it comes to unloading, place cups and glasses that have concave bottoms on the side of the bottom rack that’s more slanted.

And yes, always unload bottom rack first.

That way, they won’t be spilling water onto your other utensils when unloading.

Besides, it is important to use rinse aid together with “Smart Dry” option – this is the recommended setting for maximum drying.

And do not forget that sometimes you have to towel dry items/plastics with nonstick surfaces …these tend to be difficult to properly dry due to their porous surfaces(the surfaces naturally collect water droplets).


Kenmore dishwasher model 665 not filling

Is water- to the dishwasher- turned on?

Check that first.

Check float

The float must be free from any obstructions. (Check and remove any you come across)

Are there suds?

If there is foam or suds in your dishwasher, your dishwasher may stop filling with water properly- check it for foam/suds – most importantly, suds could be due to loading problem (adding to many items or not arranging them correctly) or adding excessive detergent.

You can simply run  your appliance through a quick Rinse/Spin cycle followed by a typical Normal cycle (do not add any detergent), if you think the issue is caused by too much detergent.

The final course of suds is a damaged pump…here you might need to get a replacement

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 not draining (water remains in tub)

Has the cycle really complete?

Start there- blue light should be on if it has completed cycle…otherwise, restart cycle by simply pressing START/RESUME- and then you close the door within not more than 3 seconds.

Is knockout plug removed?

If you have connected your dishwasher to food-waste disposer, confirm that you have removed knockout plug from disposer inlet.

Are there kinks in drain hose?

Kinks along the drain hose can be the cause- check and remove any you see.

Are there any food obstructions in drain or disposer?

Check for any food obstructions in both the drain/disposer- get rid of them too then retry

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 repair manual (Kenmore dishwasher model 665 troubleshooting) continued

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 white residue on glassware or dishwasher interior

This issue is prevalent in hard water areas..

Now, what you can do to improve cleaning efficiency is the following:

  • Use water softener at all times(designed for dishwashers)..or a detergent booster


  • Clean your dishwasher with a quality cleaner once per month- Do not use cleaners that are not specifically designed for dishwashers. Your manual has clear cleaning instructions (check under Dishwasher Maintenance Procedure)
  • On top of that, clean the filters (once per month, at least)..use rinse aid.
  • Use fresh, high-quality detergent


For others spots:

Try Liquid rinse aid- it  helps drying and reduces spotting.

Use correct amount of dishwashing detergent always.

Try to use High Temp + Sani Rinse options.

To clear spotting, try a vinegar rinse – on the dishwasher.


  • Wash and rinse spotty dishware then load into dishwasher(no silverware and metal dishware).
  • Put (500 mL-2 cups) of white vinegar- again in a glass-made measuring cup- place in lower rack.
  • Finally do a Normal Cycle- turn off Smart Dry option – and add No Detergent.

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 troubleshooting

And for etching(permanent cloudness on glass items)

Causes are one of:

  • Too hot water
  • Using excessive detergent especially with soft water
  • Pre-washing items.

What to do:

  1. Adjust detergent amount to be equal to water hardness
  2. Stop pre- washing items.
  3. Use water heating options(on a cycle) only when you’re sure the incoming water temp is below 120°F(49°C)…

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 smells like sewage

One cause of the bad smell is drainage problem…so try to repair it for drainage issues.

Then, to clear the terrible odor, do this: Do a rinse cycle– only add a partial load- daily. You want to do that until your dishwasher is capable of doing a full, normal load.

I should add that when doing your partial loads, you should use “Top Rack Only” option (the option is only available on some models).

Of course, the other option is to wash the dishwasher with  white vinegar…to be clear, do a vinegar rinse – you need to put 2 cups(500 mL) of the white vinegar (in an up-right glass measuring cup)in lower rack.

Once done, do a Normal cycle – but turn off Smart Dry option – and do not add detergent.

Kenmore dishwasher 665 noisy

The most probable cause is improper installation so begin there- and double check that filters are also perfectly installed.

Next, inspect if there are dishes extending beyond the racks- they could be what’s causing interference with wash arms hence a thumping noise (you can try to adjust the dishes then resume the cycle)

On the other hand, you have no reason to get bothered if you’re hearing surging sounds periodically throughout a cycle while the appliance is draining- that is perfectly normal.

Another thing you could hear is water valve hissing – it is designed to hiss occasionally during cycle.

Furthermore, the noise (it’s a snap sound) could be originating from detergent dispenser- it makes that sound when openings during the cycle as well as at the finish of cycle when door is opened.

Kenmore 665 dishwasher leaving dishes dirty

Have you chosen right cycle?

Select an appropriate cycle as well as option depending on soiling level- only use Pots Pans clean cycle with TURBOZONE option for tougher loads(applies to some models).

Check water temp

For best results, Be sure incoming water temp is 120°F(49°C)- at least.

Re-load the dishwasher

Ensure your dishwasher is correctly loaded- bad loading hampers washing performance a great deal.

Check filter

After that, turn your attention to the filter:

Is it installed the right way? And could it be dirty/clogged?

Clean it as explained in your manual (see step-by-step instructions under ULTRACLEAN  Filtration System)

Add correct amount of detergent

Use proper amounts of fresh detergent. Reminder: Add more detergent for either heavier-soiled dishes. For hard water too.

Easy tip: To help cleaning, scrape food from items before loading them into the appliance (do not pre-rinse).

Sani Rinse light blinking (Sani Rinse indicator)

Sani Rinse LED indicator light flashing signifies that load isn’t sanitized.


Well, cycle may have been interrupted in final rinse.

Alternatively, you have set your water heater too low.

So set it to 120°F(49°C).

Other lights blinking, dishwasher won’t run

If any status lights starts blinking including Start/Resume, and your dishwasher won’t run, push the START/ RESUME button and close door within not more than 3 seconds.

Kenmore dishwasher model 665 repair manual (Kenmore dishwasher model 665 troubleshooting) / (Kenmore elite dishwasher model 665 troubleshooting) continued


Kenmore 665 dishwasher damaging dishes

Improper loading is the primary cause of dishes getting chipped or damaged. Learn to load correctly

Kenmore 665 dishwasher leaking water

  • Check installation- it needs to be suitably installed and also level.
  • Check it for suds because Suds can make your dishwasher to overflow.
  • Also measure detergent accurately- Only dishwasher specific detergents need to be used(Less detergent best for soft water).
  • Change brand of detergent, in case sudsing error
  • Check the lid- to keep rinse-aid leaking from dispenser, securely attach the lid and also avoid overfilling.


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