Why is my Frigidaire oven not working but burners are?

So, you have found yourself in a situation where your Frigidaire oven not working but burners are?

Well, in this guide, I will share with you some insights on what might be causing this.

Moreover, I will guide you on how you can resolve this issue – it’s quite easy.

Frigidaire oven not working but burners are [Recommended fix]

Below are the possible causes (and their solutions) that you should look out for…

Confirm that the oven door is closing fully

Like most other oven brands, Frigidaire ovens have a safety mechanism that prevents the oven from running if the door is left open for more than a minute.

As a result, if the door is not closing fully, then your oven won’t run.

How to troubleshoot and fix door problems

Start by removing any obstructions that might be preventing the door from closing fully.

If there are none, proceed to check the door wire harness connections… Reconnect any loose wire connections and replace any wires that might have broken.

The oven temperature sensor might be defective

This sensor is responsible for monitoring the oven’s temperature and relaying this data to the control board.

Now, if the sensor is bad, it might not relay any signals to the control board.

And as a result, the control board won’t start your oven even if the stove top (burners) are working.

How to tell if the oven temperature sensor is bad

To test the temperature sensor, measure the resistance going through the sensor (RTD) and compare your readings to those in the Frigidaire oven temperature sensor resistance chart below:

Temp (⁰F) Resistance (ohms)
32 ± 1.9 1,000 ± 4.0
75 ± 2.5 1,091 ± 5.3
250 ± 4.4 1,453 ± 8.9
350 ± 5.4 1,654 ± 10.8
450 ± 6.9 1,852 ± 13.5
550 ± 8.2 2,047 ± 15.8
650 ± 9.6 2,237 ± 18.5

Pro tip: Your resistance readings might vary a little bit but that’s okay. However, they should not vary from these readings by more than 100 ohms. If they vary by more than 100 ohms, it means that your sensor is bad.

So, if your sensor is bad, be sure to replace it – shop for a Frigidaire oven temperature sensor on Amazon.

Something else: Some Frigidaire ovens do not use a temperature sensor. Instead, they have a temperature-sensing bulb.

In such models, start by checking if the bulb is loose. If it is, try and readjust it to see if this fixes the issue.

If this does not fix the issue (or the bulb is burnt out), your best bet is to replace it – shop for oven light bulbs on Amazon.

The electric connection might be to blame (electric models only)

As you might know, electric ranges require a 240v AC connection for them to work.

From my experience, I have seen that most 240v circuit breakers usually have two interconnected circuits.

Now, if one of these circuits trips (half-tripped circuit breaker), it might result in the oven not working but stove top does problem you are experiencing.

So, I recommend you confirm that this is not the case with your circuit breaker – be sure to reset it if need be.

Something else: There is also a possibility that one of the hot wires in the outlet might have fried.

So, be sure to also confirm that your outlet is giving 240v AC.

If it is not, you might consider having an electrician come over.

But in the meantime, you can connect your oven to another working 240v AC power outlet.

The heating elements might be bad (for electric ovens only)

For the most part, Frigidaire ranges have three heating elements – one for the burners and two for the oven (bake heater and broil heater).

As such, if the bake element is bad, your oven will not start the bake mode.

Similarly, if the broil element is bad, your oven will not start the broil mode.

How you can troubleshoot and fix the oven heating elements

Start by measuring the resistance through the terminals of the bake heating element – a good element will have a resistance of 10 to 40 ohms.

Next, connect your range to the power outlet and turn on the oven bake mode.

With your multimeter set to volts (AC), measure the voltage at the bake heating element terminals.

If it is good, it will have a reading of around 240v AC.

If your bake heating element fails any of these tests, it means that it’s bad and you should replace it… Shop for Frigidaire oven bake heating element on Amazon.

Repeat the same for the broil heating element – again, the reading should be within 10 to 40 ohms.

Next, run the broil mode and proceed to measure the potential difference at the broil heater terminals.

Again, if the broil heating element is good, it should have a reading of around 240v AC.

Similarly, if the broil heating element fails any of these tests, then it is bad and you should get a replacement broil heating element.

Pro tip: If both heating elements fail the voltage test, chances are that the thermal fuse has blown. But to be sure, test the thermal fuse for continuity. If it is in good condition, it should have continuity. But, if it lacks continuity, it means that it is bad – you can order a replacement thermal fuse on Amazon.

On the other hand, if the thermal fuse is good but the heating elements are not getting 240v AC, you might want to first inspect the control board before ordering replacement elements.

With that in mind, read on to know what to check for in the control board.

Frigidaire oven not working but burners are – more troubleshooting steps to try

Check the igniter as it could be bad

A faulty igniter is also likely to result in your oven not heating even though the burners are.

Now, most gas ovens have two igniters – the bake igniter and the broil igniter.

And here’s how to troubleshoot these igniters…

If your Frigidaire oven is not running bake mode but broiler mode runs, then the bake igniter is bad.

Similarly, if the bake function is working but the broiler function is not, then the broil igniter is to blame.

Having that in mind, turn on bake mode and inspect the bake igniter… If the igniter does not glow till it’s white hot, high chances are that it is bad.

Now, repeat the same process for the broil igniter.

Alternatively, measure the resistance of these igniters – a healthy bake/broil igniter will have a resistance of 40 to 400 ohms.

If the reading you are getting from your igniter is not within this range, it means that it is bad.

And in this case, your best bet is to get a replacement igniter. The good news is that Frigidaire oven replacement igniters rarely cost more than 30 bucks – see current prices on Amazon.

So, what do you do if your igniters are good?


Test the gas valve (safety valve)

Usually, the gas/safety valve controls the flow of gas into the igniter chamber.

And, this valve will only open to let gas in once the necessary igniter is hot enough.

Now, if this valve is bad, it might result in your oven not working even though the burners are good.

Having that in mind, to test if the gas valve is good, use your multimeter to measure the resistance through the valve.

If the gas valve is good, it will have a resistance reading of 1 to 3 ohms.

So, if your valve is having a different reading, it means that it is bad and you should get a gas safety valve replacement.

Inspect the control panel wire harness

Other times, your oven might be failing to work due to a faulty control panel.

Remember that the burners normally rely on the knobs while the oven relies on the control panel.

As such, if the control panel is bad, it is possible for the burners to work but not the oven.

Having that in mind, check the ribbon cable connecting the control panel to the oven control board… If the cable is loose, be sure to reconnect it properly.

On the other hand, if any of the wire connections are broken, be sure to fix/replace them.

Pro tip: For the most part, a faulty ribbon cable is usually to blame if some panel buttons are unresponsive.

The control board might be bad

This might range from loose wire connections to bad relays to burnt elements and so on.

Pro tip: A bad control board might also result in some control panel buttons being unresponsive.

How you can troubleshoot the control board

Start by checking the wire connections to and from the board – reconnect any loose wires and replace any broken ones.

Check if there is a burnt relay – if there is, you might consider replacing it since this is cheaper.

Pro tip: If you decide to replace the relay, be sure that the replacement relay you get matches the part number of your relay.

Also, if you are unsure of how to solder the new relay, get some instructional videos on YouTube to guide you along.

Something else: Most oven control boards will have at least three relays – one for each heating element.

It is also not uncommon for the control board to be bad though it appears to be good.

So, if all the above troubleshooting steps fail, replace the control board as it might be the cause of your woes – order a replacement control board for your model on Amazon.

Frigidaire oven not working but burners are – parting words

When purchasing replacement parts, be sure to use the model number of your appliance to make sure that you get compatible replacements.


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